Name Ann Arbor High School
Type Senior High School
Location Ann Arbor, Michigan
Colors Purple and White
Mascot Pioneers

Ann Arbor Pioneer High School is a public school in the Ann Arbor Public School District in Michigan. Pioneer is known for its strong academics, sports, and music programs. Pioneer was designated the National GRAMMY Signature High School for 2005-2006. This award signifies that the Grammy foundation has determined Pioneer to have the best music program in the United States for the 2005-2006 school year.

Pioneer's musical and athletic successes can reasonably be tied to possessing a large and diverse student body; more students logically results in more talent (and having a diverse population helps the school excel at many types of sports). At the same time, successes can also be attributed to the school's reputation which draws a wide selection of teachers, coaches, and other faculty.

Ann Arbor Pioneer has the largest enrollment of any high school in the state of Michigan, with 3,204 students (2007).[1]

Season one contestant Hannah Juett was the only SOTF contestant to hail from Ann Arbor High School.

References Edit

1. Ann Arbor High School, Wikipedia

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