Character Biography Edit

Name: Annabell Tertullian
Gender: female
Age: 16
Grade: sophomore
Extra Curricular Activity: none
School: Topeka High

Appearance: Fairly frail and whistful, ones first impression would be that she is weak. This may be true in most cases, but Annabell is one who can suprise you. She has light blond hair that falls in straight rows down right below her shoulders, and cobalt eyes that seem to swim when she is deep in thought. She has a quite pale complexion, which borderlines on pasty, and can be compared to a porcelain doll. She usually is very dreamy, the owner of a soft, gentile voice that can put you to sleep and inspire emotion at the same time. She rarely speaks, and can seem overly shy. Don't let it fool you though, she is very sharp, and anything that someone says or does is caught by her keen sense of hearing and her calculating mind.

Biography: Annabell does not know when or where she was born, in fact, all of her memory trails back to one night in her early childhood. She remembers being outside in the rain at the foot of a large gate, a hooded figure leading her by a shackle attached to her wrist. She remembers being led to a grave, and the inscription on the grave being the name of THE ONE, or the writer. She was told by the hooded figure that she has become the new writer, and she will one day teach a new generation of scribes how to record history. This memory has been dismissed by everyone she knows as a childish dream, but Annabell believes with all her heart that she is part of some higher power, some great destiny.

After the night, the next thing she remembers is the hooded figure leading her to an orphanage, and the orphanage taking her in. They boarded her for several years until she was to old to be supported by the learning facilities in the orphanage, and then they sent her to a foster family living in Topeka, Kansas. The family was generally nice to her, but they considered her slightly eccentric, and they were always wary around her. They had deduced that something was about their charter.

After several years of attending the Kansas schools, she noticed the teachers commending her brilliant writing ability. This only confirmed what she already knew, that she was The Writer. It gave her a greater sense of purpose, and teachers noticed that her writings were becoming much more philosophical and disturbing. Annabelle noticed this as well, but it was as if she was in a trance while writing, she didn't actually know what she was writing anymore, she would just sit down with a pen in her hand, and bam, all of a sudden she had several pages of monologue, or diologue, or whatever her mind decided to write that day. She eventually got scared of this part of herself, and learned how to shut off this part of her subconscious. She dubbed this part of her "Apollo", and it only surfaced when she was stressed or undertook some kind of physical trauma.

Other: She has a tendancy to create different phantoms to portray the conflicting emotions in her subconscious, and is a closet skitzophrenic Some common manifestations are "Eddie Machete", "Chief Hawkrider", and "Sir Matthias Westphal". She can sometimes be seen conversing with these manifestations, but these occurences are usually laughed off as just a girl talking to herself.

Number: 68

Facts about Annabell Edit

Annabell was created by guitarjack87. There was a bit of debate about the character at first, and it took Guitarjack explaining that the biography was written simply to show that Annabell was completely insane before the staffers came around. Eventually, Kaishi decided to approve Annabell, but she was never moved to the roster, and Guitarjack seemed to have lost interest in the character.

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