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The Arthro Taskforce is the terrorist organisation behind SOTF.

Season One Edit

  • Dorian "Jett" Pello: Skinny, tall, and long armed, and often ridiculed by Mr. Danya. He put up with it. He had to. Who knew what Mr. Danya would do if Dorian spoke against him? Throw a collar on him and shove him in the game? Dorian shuddered against the thought. Besides, other than his fear of Mr. Danya keeping him from speaking against him and putting up with the insults, Dorian got paid very well. He had a sick mother...he had to do this stuff, all the while secretly sending her money under the alias of "Jett". Dorian sighed a little.

~ Excerpt from this topic.

  • Achlys: He was the one that alerted Danya to the broken cameras in every part of the island except for the Bathroom Facility, the Ravine, the Old Warehouse, the Eastern Shore, and the Dark Caves. Whiny and cowardly, he was even looked down upon by Dorian. Fortunately, though, Achlys was able to bring back the transmission for the cameras (they had been knocked out by the rain). He gets to play somewhat of a bigger part when Danya gives him the chance to shoot down the terrific three's helicopter, but it isn't much.
  • Brandon Garnett: Described as a worker with a faint scar above his eyebrow, he is at the scene of the terrorists' big incident. Before it got too out of hand, he exited the room and hasn't been seen since. There isn't a whole lot known of him, and probably won't be since he has disappeared. He later defected to STAR.

The "Terrific Three"

Unlike the above, these three hold much more importance to the story. In fact, they get thrown onto the island to fight among the kids, and, as such, all have their own files:

Season Two Edit

This season is where the Big Four make their first appearance.

Season Three Edit

Although nearly a year has gone by since the second season of SOTF came to an end, the same people seem to be in charge of season three.

Danya: The one, the only, the mastermind behind the SOTF project... he's back for V3, and he's badder than ever! Or so we can assume. He hasn't been shown doing much as of yet, although he seems rather giddy over the start of the new season. During the first announcement, he was unsatisfied with Southridge High's number of kills, and so used a bit of creative storytelling to amplify some of the kids' deaths and make it out to look like more students were playing than actually were. Other than that, he's back to his old tricks again -- harassing the students, awarding the killers, reading raunchy SOTF fanfiction and hanging out in SOTF chatrooms.

Dorian: He's still around, just as nervous and sniveling as ever. He's still working under Danya, too, and playing "personal assistant" to the big man.

Garnett: His first V3 appearance was in the second announcement, where he was unnamed and simply known as 'Eye-Patch Guy', though Danya did mention that he was a returning member. His exact identity wasn't revealed until the sixth announcement, where it was noted that he didn't come back on his own free will, and that the reason why he wears an eye patch was a result of his forced return.

Grossi: One of the senior technicians for the AT squad, Grossi was assigned by Danya to "babysit" one Mr. Brandon H. Garnett after he rejoined the organization. After Dorian accidentally re-introduced Jack O'Connor's virus to the system, Grossi was one of the main people responsible for putting it back in operation. Over the course of v3, he started to grow disgusted with what Danya was doing, and eventually helped Garnett in an attempt to rescue a large number of students from the island. As of v4, he has defected to STAR.

Season Four Edit

Victor Danya: He's back in charge for V4, and he's just as bad as ever. When doing the announcements, he's using the same old trick from V3; exaggerating and bending the truth to have the students up the ante. As of v4's ninth announcement, Danya is KIA.

Dorian Pello: He's back as well, feeling considerably worse than ever before. In the space between the end of V3 and the start of V4, Dorian's mother passed away despite the money he sent for treatment, which left him feeling that he no longer had a legitimate excuse for working with Danya. This came to a head during STAR's attack on the terrorist HQ, where Dorian shot Danya to death and escaped with the attackers.

Achlys: One of the most senior technicians, it was revealed that he had been working for Danya for five years (joining circa 2003). However, his loyalty to Danya proved to be negligible; when the Liz Polanski incident during the middle of day 4 went undetected, Achlys was to blame and was subsequently executed by Sparky under Danya's order.

Jim Greynolds: He's still around, and seems to like picking on Achlys. The other terrorists seem to regard him as rather psychotic and unpredictable. He has taken at least temporary command of the terrorist group since Danya's death.

Melvin Carter: He's back for v4, and apparently more talkative than in his first appearance, last seen supervising Danya's technical staff. He is killed by "Sparky" on the seventh night of the game, after uncovering her betrayal.

Sonia Nguyen: Like the other members of the "Big Four," she is still active, and revealed to Dorian that she, Melvin, and Jim had been out on assignment for the past year.

Steven Wilson: Still around like his fellows, having been mentioned in the first v4 announcement, but seems to have been operating independently from the other three during the span between seasons two and four.

Cecily Lacoste: She's still with Danya and is still up to to her back-stabbing tricks, immediately pinning the blame on Achlys when Danya wanted to know who was responsible for the Liz Polanksi incident.

Shamino Warhen: One of the terrorists responsible for placing the numerous jamming devices around the island. He was also the driver of one of the coaches the abducted students from Bayview were travelling in.

Christina "Domino" Stockton: A veteran, she has been with Danya since V0.8 at the latest. Nothing much is known about her, apart from that she comes from an abusive family. She was responsible for placing the numerous jamming devices around the island so that cell phone reception was completely cut off.

Matt Richards: One of the terrorists outside the upper echelons, Richards was assigned to the island to help deal with the Polanski incident. He has a close but somewhat antagonistic relationship with Josh Baines.

Josh Baines: Another of the terrorists assigned to the island, and a very skilled hand-to-hand fighter. Baines has a close yet antagonistic friendship with Matt Richards.

Dennis Lourvey: A new member of the Arthro Taskforce, he's in charge of designing, constructing and testing out the new collars for V4.

"Sparky": Another new addition to the team, not much is known about her. While her full name has not been revealed as of yet, her age is presumed to be around 18-19 years old. She appears to be very dedicated to her work. She was made to execute Achlys after the incident involving Liz Polanski. In reality, Sparky is STAR member Brynn Lovell, inserted into the AT as an agent for the group; she's found out on the seventh night of the game, and shot to death after killing Melvin Carter.

Season FiveEdit

Tracen Danya:

Jim Greynolds:

Sonia Nguyen:

Steven Wilson:

Christina "Domino" Stockton:

Shamino Warhen:

Cecily Lacoste:

Matt Richards:

Josh Baines:

Dennis Lourvey:

Abril "Abby" Soto:

Monica Brown:

Gordon Gladney:

Season SixEdit

Christina "Domino" Stockton:

Shamino Warhen:

Trent Camden: A new member to the team, Trent is a British pharmacist with a callous disregard for other people and an enthusiasm for seeing the game unfold.

Josie Knight:

Boris Petrikov:

Other Terrorists Edit

Only a few members of the Arthro Taskforce, as the terrorists working under Danya are known, have been revealed. Many more exist. The names of some current and former AT members are listed below.

Killed in Action:

  • Shane Kimblee: A terrorist who was killed in action. Danya seemed to have reacted grim to his death.
  • Niki Montgomery: Has not made an appearance yet.
  • Troy Oakley: Has not made an appearance yet.
  • Orsen Wyndham: Killed by Cecily Lacoste in TR8.
  • Vincent "Big V" Trilby: Killed in TR8.
  • John Patrick Dage: Has not made an appearance yet.
  • Kenneth Harlen: Has not made an appearance yet.
  • Harold "Chubby" Lowry: Has not made an appearance yet.
  • Paula Eads: Has not made an appearance yet.
  • Mickey Eveland: Has not made an appearance yet.
  • George "Georgie" Cissney: Has not made an appearance yet.
  • Rosemarie Chevalier: A terrorist who was killed during the V3 Escape.
  • Joseph Hurst (Note: At 64, Hurst is the only terrorist confirmed to have been older than Steven Wilson of the Big Four): A terrorist who was killed during the V3 Escape.
  • Tommy Carver: A terrorist who was killed by Bill Ritch's explosion while attempting to persuading him to not detonate the grenade.
  • (First name unknown) Braden: A terrorist who was shot by Sparky.
  • (First name unknown) Raiger: A terrorist who was shot by Grossi during the V3 Escape.
  • (First name unknown) Matthews: A terrorist who was shot by Danya during the V3 Epilogue when questioning his order.
  • Jack Dunlop: A terrorist shot by STAR during the V4 Rescue.
  • Louis Bourbon: A former prisoner who was killed by Greynolds during the V2 abduction.
  • All of Squads One, Two and Three sent to the island during the V3 Escape Attempt
  • Unknown number of terrorists killed during STAR's attack on HQ
  • Unnamed terrorist killed during Antonio Franchini's kidnapping
  • Unnamed terrorist killed during Cillian Crowe´s kidnapping
  • One to three terrorists killed by the winner of Eastview High School's test run
  • A unit of unnamed terrorists Angelina Kaige used to work with

Current (Minor) AT Members:

  • Adrian (surname unknown): A terrorist who was part of the "Island Team" in V5 with Spence and Gordon Gladney.
  • Andrew Denning: A terrorist who wrote profile evaluations in V5 and monitored cameras in V6.
  • Beatrix Deverell: Has not made an appearance yet.
  • Bradley "King" Thomas: Has not made an appearance yet.
  • David Konrad (Status Unknown): Leader of Squad One during the V3 Escape.
  • Donna "Queen" Jacobs: Has not made an appearance yet.
  • Elias Östberg: Pilot of V5, as well as a terrorist writing profile evaluations in V5.
  • Jacques "Jack" Matthis (Status Unknown): Pilot of the V0 abduction.
  • (First name unknown) Johnson: A terrorist who was patrolling Danya during his meeting with Dodd.
  • Joseph Jackson: A sleeper for the V2 abduction.
  • Dr. Kelley: The doctor who treated Amaranta Montalvo after she won V5.
  • Penny Sullivan: A terrorist who wrote profile evaluations in V5.
  • Mark "Maverick" Alura: A terrorist known for being lethal in TR8.
  • Marvin: A terrorist who delivered BKA in V2.
  • Spence (surname unknown): A terrorist who was part of the "Island Team" in V5 with Adrian and Gordon Gladney.
  • Warren "Ace" Hyderdaul: Has not made an appearance yet.

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