Character Biography Edit

Name: Tsujimura, Ayaka
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Grade: 10th grade
Extra Curricular Activity: N/A
School: Edward Christopher High, Shinra Academy, Nicholas B. Anthony High, Emilia M. Phonenix High

Appearance: She's roughly 4'10"---which is short for her age. She weighs 97 lbs. and her straight black hair with carmel highlights and red tips reach about two inches below her shoulders. Coming from Filipino descent,she has lightly tanned skin and dark brown (almost black in some cases) eyes. She always wears her hair in a very loose ponytail that hangs from her right shoulder and never leaves home without her black ribbon choker around her neck and at least 10 rubberbands on her wrist.

Biography: Ayaka was born in the Phillippines and raised in America. At age 10,she and her parents decided that they wanted to move to Japan---but the airplane crashed,leaving her the only survivor of her family.She eventually ended up with a foster family and lived life as if nothing had happened.She was considered by most a genius in musical arts and computer programming,but was horrible at sports and other physical activites.Although she enjoyed watching them. At age 14,she ran away from home and moved back to America. That's where she currently goes to school at Phoenix High in California, studying computers rather than music.

Other: Although she has an incredibly short temper,she manages to stay out of most trouble.Her strong legs make up for her weak upper body strength and terrible aim.She's known to become spacey and emotional in drastic moments,such as the death of her parents. Her two-sided personality is constantly showing in ways that some might call unnatural. She believes that there are indeed two sides to every soul---and for that she cannot be trusted.

Number: G32

Facts about Ayaka Edit

Ayaka was created by Broken Butterfly, a handler who joined SOTF on July 10, 2005, making her the thirty-first member to join up. The truth is, we aren't exactly sure what happened with Broken Butterfly. Only Kaishi seems to know. Either way, Ayaka was actually scheduled for approval in SOTF, but because of a mystery PM between Kaishi and Broken Butterfly, Kaishi's last message in the thread stated that Ayaka would be approved if and when Butterfly ever returned, along with an apology.

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