Giselle, after moving all over Canada due to her dad's placement in the army, has finally found a place to settle down and call home. Currently, that place in is 'sin city' Ontario. Her mother is Dutch, and insists on pushing it on her daughter, while Giselle is much more fond of her father's background being Scottish. It is also true that the amazing John McKray who wrote 'IN FLANDERS FEILDS' is Giselles distant relative through her grandmother.

Her real passion is for fashion and likes to claim that one day her name is going to be known widely in the fashion world.

She considers herself to be a kind person who is always there for her friends when they're in trouble or feeling upset. Born June 28th, she's a Cancer. Some would say that they aren't really outgoing, though she could beg to differ. If there's one thing Giselle loves, it is meeting new people. She likes to base her characters that she makes off of people that she knew, while also making it a little bit of her also. Tori Johnson: Based off herself, changed the name because she doesn't really like hers. Dan Birch: Based off of old friend, and was more than happy to give his death rights to Cyco... Nessy Guthrie: Based off of her sister Kris, only, She made Nessy act as crazy as she likes to think her sister is. Everyone in their lives are based off of people in Giselle's life.

In the beginning it all started with the movie, Battle Royale, that her boyfriend kind of got her hooked on. Ever since then, she's been with SOTF when she has the time. If she's not on SOTF thinking of something worth while to read, she's at home working on new sketches for her profile, sewing like mad, playing on her guitar or hanging out with her friends. She has three guitars, one bass and used to have a drum set. Music is a big big part of her life. Her favourite bands are her favourite because not only are the artists amazing at the music they write, but it's what they write that's amazing, and it actually says something to her.

Bands: Thrice, CKY, Subline, Public Enemy, AC DC, and many more. And the one that tops them all of course would be The Kickin' Throats for more than one reason.

This is Giselle, and who she is...

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