Name Barry Coleson High School
Type Senior High School
Location Ithaca, New York
Colors Blue and Gray
Mascot Bears

Barry Coleson High School is a fictional high school located in Ithaca, New York [1]. Barry Coleson was known for its widely successful baseball team, who won the Division Championships in 2004; according to David Jackson, as of 2005 the baseball team had gone three consecutive seasons without a single loss. Barry Coleson was also known for its soccer, football and track and field teams.

Barry Coleson was abducted and forced into participation of the SOTF ACT on June 19, 2005, when the plane containing most of BCHS's 10th grade class (and a few 9th graders) was hijacked en route to Paris, France. The teachers were immediately killed off by Danya's henchmen, and the infamous man known as Mr. Danya presented himself to the BCHS students and explained the object of the SOTF ACT.

Barry Coleson was the primary school that competed in season one of Survival of the Fittest, and was also the school from which the winner of season one came. Below is a list of the 79 students from the school who participated in the SOTF ACT.

References Edit

1. Until 2008, Barry Coleson High was simply set in "upstate New York". It was forum administrator Megami who finally declared an exact location for the high school two years after the season was completed.

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