Shit. Who let you in here? Uhh... Sorry, I'm eating Chinese. Whaddaya want? Oh. Yeah. I'm a cool guy, I guess. What? More about me? Nah, too busy eating my dinner. Hell yes I love Fried Rice. Mmm! Wait, you still here?



Brad Kavanagh, Madison Conner, Charlie Burchman, Owen Fontaine, Luis Chezinski, Quale Hutchinson, Dominica Shapiro, Nicholas Nutbrown, Anna Kateridge.


James Mulzet, Zach Jamis, Jessica Pentangeli, Kitty Gittschall, Johnathan McDowell


Ami Flynn, Carlos Lazaro (adopted from LaZardo), Darren Fox (adopted from JamesRenard)


Scout Pfeiffer, Jasmine Reed, Audrey Reyes (adopted from kervin555)

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