Name Crescent Heights High School
Type Senior High School
Location Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Colors Red, Blue and Silver
Mascot Cowboys

Crescent Heights High School is a high school located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. During the eighth testing phase of the SOTF ACT, a group of twelfth grade students were abducted from this school. Those students are as follows.

B01. Tristan Kaundart
B02. Jonathan Perdue
B03. Aiden Cardwell
B04. James Vallien
B05. Nathan "Nate" Caudle
B06. Teven Reichert
B07. Byron Vandenburg
B08. Cameron Woolever
B09. Austin Gabriel
B10. Stephen Eslinger
B11. Jeff Shamrock
B12. Seth Leoncrest
B13. Cody Knightlinger
B14. Trajjen Micello
B15. Bo Rangale
B16. Jacob Cartwright
B17. Ethan Atchison
B18. Danny Ridgeway
B19. Robert Fantauzzi
B20. Zane Ayres
B21. Rudy Giovanni
B22. Clint Provence


G01. Saundra Dayton
G02. Katie Metzger
G03. Katherine "Kitty" Ardath
G04. Dera Sterling
G05. Ashlin Hart
G06. Brooke Sykes
G07. Ki Ledbetter
G08. Christena Vachon
G09. CeeJay Young
G10. Whitley Carson
G11. Jaslin Neu
G12. Neilie Knautz
G13. Torrie Taylor
G14. Molinee Everonde
G15. Reecie Page
G16. Francine Greer
G17. Diamond Riggs
G18. Porsche McClendon
G19. Terra Rutherford
G20. Aisha Bryant

Surving StudentsEdit

  • During the fifth announcement of V3, it was revealed that G04 Dera Sterling had managed to survive the training exercise for Danya's taskforce, alongside Zachariah Valentino from John T. Killian High School.
  • During the epilogue of V3, it was revealed that G13 Torrie Taylor had also survived.
  • During V4, B05 Nathanial "Nate" Caudle and G09 CeeJay Young were revealed to be alive, both instrumental in the rescue operation that took place.
    • The status of the rest of the students is unknown, though it is presumed that they were killed.

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