Cyco in his natural habitat

Bryan (aka CycoKiller) got really fuckin' pissed-off when he got a 404 after typing up a nice beefy profile and losing the whole thing, so here's the 411 my bitches.

He has trained in Muay Thai for 4 years. The only Thai boxing gym in Windsor closed after his teacher and longtime friend Reginald Neilson passed away in summer 2006, so that was the end of that chapter. But that's ok; he's still got it.

He is of Irish descent, and very passionate about his culture. Yes, drinking, fighting, playing tunes and more drinking, it's all something he is very proud of.

He is a dog person (as in someone who is fond of dogs, not a hideous half-man half-dog), owning a Cairn Terrier named Maggie and a half-Shih Tzu mutt with a gimped leg named Ted.

He used to play guitar and sing for the local Windsor punk/ska four-piece The Kickin' Throats, but unfortunately they've disbanded. He, Dan (aka Scipher) and ex-Throats drummer James Brown have begun forming a new band which unanimously rocks harder.

He is currently studying pre health sciences at St Clair College and plans to go into paramedics.

He is responsible for the characters Bryan Calvert, Nich Finlayson, Andrew Swainson, Huy Tran, Dan Johnson and Jana Brown in v2. In v3, Nigel Gillespie, Jessa Vanallen, James Brown and Harry Tsai.

Oh yeah. And everyone is his bitch. And not in the "lol you're my bitch" kind of way; in the "stop crying, here take an aspirin and shut the hell up" kind of way.

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