Real Name: Adam Dodd

Time with SOTF: Essentially since the beginning, lurked for a week before finally deciding to join.

Internet Aliases: d0ddi0slave, Korazon

V1 Characters: Adam Dodd, Andrew Lipson, Cole Hudson, Amanda Jones, Gilbert Archambault, Sidney Crosby, Eddie Serjeantson, Arturo Villamor, Angelina Kaige

V2 Characters: Andrew Ponikarovsky, Adam Amato, Sarah Dao, Rupert Stockton, Alexander Ovechkin, Burton Harris, Zilya Merchenkov, adopted Mariavel Varella during V2 Endgame.

V3 Characters: Adam Dodd, Burton Harris (under the alias Ken Lawson), Keith Jackson, Meredith "Mary" McKay, Wade Wilson, Ryan Atwell, Dean Portman, John Sheppard

V4 Characters: Jamie Li, Trent Hunter, Staffan Kronwall, Alicia Murazek

Random Facts:

  • Has been playing hockey for about seventeen years.
  • Holds a Bachelor's Degree in the Humanities from York University in Ontario, Canada. Is currently a third-semester Television Broadcasting student at Seneca College.
  • Hates spiders and mushrooms.
  • Enjoys beer, primarily that of the Canadian variety.
  • Popularized the 'music post' and considers it a trademark of his.
  • Favourite movie: Memento.
  • Lives with both parents, two younger brothers, and a dog named Maggie.
  • Is currently the longest-active SOTF member, having joined the site all the way back in the very beginning.


There's not a lot about Adam that isn't already part of the public domain. He's been with SOTF since essentially the very beginning, and while there's been a few instances in which he's gone on hiatus, every single time, it seems as though he's drawn back for more. SOTF has helped him improve his writing, has introduced him to some people who've become very close real-life friends, and has given him a creative outlet to keep himself sharp, which has recently been paying out the dividends as he goes back for his second tour of duty at school.

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