Daniel E. Ayala is a character who appeared several times in SOTF V2, as a side story character. The character was handled by Xaldien, and is based on Xaldien's father even by name.

He is the father of V2 participant Andi Ayala. Daniel is a man in his early 50s, who raised Andi as a single parents after he and his ex-wife, Kathy Burrowell, split up due to her infidelity. Although not said when or how, Daniel suffers from a fractured ankle injury. This will likely be explain sometime later through Siouxsie's ongoing storyline.

During the events of V2, Daniel and Siouxsie (who had manage to avoid being placed in SOTF by opting to stay home with Daniel, while Andi went to class) watched in horror as they realized that Andi was being placed in the program. For the next while, the two were glued to the TV, hoping that Andi would make it through.

After some time, Kathy made it to the Ayala home where she admitted that she wants her daughter, Kristey Burrowell, to die and Andi to live, as since Andi was the only child she had with Daniel, the man she really loved, and Kristey was a mistake.

Eventually Daniel's life came to a halt when Andi was killed by his partner, Peter Rosenthal. In the time afterwards, Daniel and Kathy continued to console each other and eventually became romantically involved again. To the point where sometime later, Kathy become pregnant and the two engaged. Their newborn son, named Andrew Peter Ayala, was born mere months before Siouxsie, then admitted into a psych ward following the shock of losing her best friend, was released and went to visit her family out of state for vacation. Although currently, Siouxsie is living her family, when she returns she will live with Daniel and his family to act as Andrew's nanny.

Currently, Daniel and Kathy are on vacation in Mexico to show their family members the newborn baby.

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