Name: Darcy Rose
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Grade: Mrs. Rowena's Homeroom 133. Grade 10th.
School: Bathurst High
Extra Curricular Activities: Cheerleading, Dancing

Description: Darcy is another beautiful member of the popular group as well as the Bloody Fists. She is the second best friend of Mariavel after Lavender. Basically she's in the same position as Lavender and both help Mariavel when they can. Darcy has long dirty blonde hair with a hint of aubern. She has a nice toned face with a body to go with it. She has her nice curves which are because of her cheerleading and dancing. Darcy is kind of tall for a normal girl's height, about 5'6". Her eyes are that of hazel which totally gives her the autumn look. She prefers to wear short skirts and stuff like that. She doesn't care about being called a slut, what she does care about is someone getting in her face. Darcy is a tough girl and can take care of herself, if someone picks a fight she'll go all out and kick the hell out of them. She is beautiful but that doesn't mean she gets taken advantage of, she'll beat someone's ass if they even try to start anything with her. She's fit and acrobatic, the person on the cheerleading squad who does mostly the flips, jumps, and stunts in the air such as the pyramid. Administrator's Note: This is called a tumbler.

Clique: Popular Group, The Bloody Fists

Relationships: Mariavel Varella: The girl who sticks by Mariavel, sort of like the third general of the group after Lavender. Although Lavender dosn't really hang with her, Darcy fills the spot and hangs with Mariavel all the time. Of coruse she doesn't worship the ground she walks on but she knows Mariavel and they are good friends.

Lavender Heart: The girl that Darcy turns to the most. She knows the answers from Mariavel about boy problems and stuff like that. Lavender is sort of the reality check, and she often turns to her for advice. She's good friends with Lavender, not best friends like she is with Mariavel but getting there.

Seth Mattlock: Darcy was never really intimidated by Seth. She just looked at him as another person. Of course Darcy trusts Seth and would turn to him if for some reason she can't turn to Lavender.

Richard Kingston: Darcy dosn't really like Richard, he was way too agressive for her tastes. She doesn't really feel comfortable around him, but puts up with him.

Erick Rischio: Darcy likes Erick, he's a nice guy and likes to be around him. He makes her laugh. Sometimes she likes to get into card playing competitions with him as she is also competitive to an extent. Her drive doesn't compare with Erick's.

Bryan Calvert: Unfortunately, Bryan is the annoying one to her. She can put up with Richard but Bryan just gets on her last nerve. Always wanting to pick a fight, he's a good defense to have. One good thing is she feels safe that her back is covered by Bryan and Richard.

Other: Darcy is a nice a girl until someone starts something with her. Then she gets tough, and serious. Her kindness can be literally shot down when someone tries something on her. Darcy is the second female member of The Bloody Fists.

The above biography is as written by Strawberry Prince for the V2 Pre-Game. Minor edits to correct spelling mistakes in the above profile have been made by this wiki's administrator.

About Darcy Edit

During the V2 Pre-Game, Darcy Rose was established as being a tenth grade student at Bathurst High School. She was a cheerleader for Bathurst, and was Lavender Heart's rival for being the best friend of fellow cheerleader Mariavel Varella. Darcy joined the Bloody Fists after learning that Mariavel had joined up as an attempt both at becoming closer friends with Mariavel and keeping an eye on her. Although she claimed to be a member of the Bloody Fists, it was blatantly obvious that most, if not all of the remaining gang members failed to recognize her as such.

Darcy was not abducted during V2, and her current fate is unknown, particularly considering the increase in gang violence in Denton after the game. She possibly moved to California like Erick Rischio did.

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