Name: Don 'LJ' (Little Joe) Joesi
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Grade: 12 (skipped a grade)
School: Southridge High School
Hobbies and Interests: On the contrary to his older brother, Don has but a select few general interests, and only a small fraction of these would appeal to the vast majority of other people. Don enjoys reading a great deal, and often spends many hours at a time drawn into a world which is not his own, although he sometimes wishes it could be. Don is an especially avid writer, and a competent artist too, much of his time is spent filling small notebooks with tales of fantasy and vivid illustrations. In recent months Don has also begun to display an ability for playing baseball, and he hopes to break into the team. However, having skipped a grade means that Don works and studies twice as hard as he used to, and amongst his other interests Don barely wastes a moment of the day.

Appearance: Don is rather tall for a sixteen year old, measuring up at fully six foot and one inch. However, despite having a lot of height, Don is lean, not quite scrawny, but definitely slim, with a fairly low proportion of muscle on him compared to his overall bodyweight. Although this has the effect of making Don look just a little scrawny, he does have one major thing going for him in looks. Simply put, Don is handsome with a capital H. Don's skin has a healthy tone to it, and whilst it isn't tanned, it is naturally fairly dark. Just like the rest of him Don's face is lean, but this only seems to accentuate his pleasant appearance, with his chief virtue being a wonderful smile. Don has a nose that is slightly smaller than usual, which is also hooked to a minute degree. Don's hair is spiky and often messy, short, and a fairly nondescript light brown in colour. A peculiarity of Don's face is his eyes; as he suffers from an eye condition know as heterochromia, also known as having two-toned eyes, causing one of them to be brown, and the other, hazel.

In general, Don wears uncomplicated but casual attire. His only truly distinctive article of clothing is a faded, worn and torn denim jacket, which used to belong to his older brother Chris. The jacket has half-length sleeves (although this is probably due to one of them being torn off and the other being shortened to accommodate it) and a surprising amount of pockets, several of which Chris put into it himself, and even more that have been added by Don. By this point, the inside of the jacket is almost made from pockets, some of the pockets even have pockets, as Don is always finding new things to cram into each and every space he can find on his person. It is a rare day that more than a few of these pockets are left unfilled.

Biography: Don Joesi could not be more different from his older brother Chris. Where Chris is average, Don is exceptional, where Chris is settled, Don is turbulent. Considerably more conservative than his brother, Don has always been the quiet one, or at least, that's what you would think to look at him. Nowadays it is hard to imagine Don being any different from his shy, quietly intelligent self. In earlier years Don was anything but quiet, constantly bombarding his older siblings and parents with demands for attention in a fashion that could have been deemed extremely annoying. Indeed; this was exactly what Chris did end up declaring, but not about his demands, about Don in general.

It wasnt long into Don's life that tension began building up between Chris and he. Next to the devotion Chris attached to their sister Sophie, the amount of attention Don was paid was almost negligible, and being a small child, this afflicted him a great deal. Eventually the brothers' relationship became so strained that it could only do one thing; snap. Thinly veiled hostility became an all out war, barely a day went by when the brothers were not at each other's throats over some dispute or another. Chris, larger and more physically tough, got the better of Don more often than not, despite falling victim to many of Don's plans, pranks and traps.

All of this in-fighting and frequent brawls took their toll on the bright young Don, he became far more withdrawn, and began to suffer from huge bouts of depression, thankfully his parents learned to draw him from these as time wore on, but the early teenage years were very grim indeed for the youngest Joesi. The feud between the brothers only got worse as the years went by, and in time Don began to avoid going home altogether. Often he would stay out of the house for days at a time, worrying his parents almost into a frenzy. The situation was growing worse by the day and everything came to a head on Don's fourteenth birthday.

An accidental incident with a tack caused yet another fight to erupt between the Joesi brothers. Hurtful words were exchanged and one comment particular served to drop Don into a huge pit of despair. Indeed, the feelings were so overwhelming that Don was on the verge of killing himself when Chris fortunately arrived to make his apology, being cut with a knife for his troubles but ultimately preventing far worse consequences.

It beggars belief that something positive might come from such a bleak encounter, but astonishingly what was the worst day in Don's life resulted in it performing a 180 turn and steering a course solidly back into the light. Don was prescribed anti-depressant pills to be used sparingly, and agreed to attend rehabilitation to sort out his general issues. Somehow, from a dark event had emerged a beacon of hope.

Following the rehab scheme Don hurled himself into the world at full stretch, giving his maximum effort in everything that he did; school most of all. Without personal and family problems holding him back any longer, it was discovered that Don was extremely intelligent, so much so in fact that it was decided he should skip a grade; ending up in the same grade as his older brother. Amazingly, Chris was nothing but pleased for Don, and didn't even seem to mind that his brother was considerably more intelligent than he.

Since skipping a grade Don has grown rather more self-confident than he was previously, and has slowly begun to emerge from his shell to see the rest of the world. At sixteen years old, Don is trying to live life to the fullest.

Advantages: Don is resilient, many fights and scrapes with his brother have made this a necessity, and extremely intelligent; he had to be to skip a grade. As well as these, Don is rather good at coming up with traps, although it is rather doubtful if he could show a similar aptitude for lethal versions of the same.

Disadvantages: Don is rather fragile mentally; he's attempted suicide once before and an extreme situation such as SOTF could well shatter his mind completely. In addition, Don is not world-smart at all, and as such is not a good judge of character and is pretty naive.

Game EvaluationsEdit

N/A. Don Joesi never played the game.


  • Don is an oddity in that his handler, Clueless, created a character page in anticipation of V3, but, strangely enough, Clueless decided at the last instant not to put him forward. In character, it is presumed that Don simply never departed on the Senior trip with his classmates.


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