Name Eastview High School
Type Senior High School
Location Apple Valley, Minnesota
Colors Black, Blue, Silver and White
Mascot Zapp!

Eastview High School is a high school located in Apple Valley, Minnesota. During the fifth testing phase of the SOTF ACT, a group of ninth and tenth grade students were abducted from this school. Those students are as follows.

B01. Edward "Eddie" Kilpatrick
B02. Darrell Fields
B03. Hunter Woodsman
B04. Sydney Sawyer
B05. Isaiah Hickman
B06. Julio Hernandez
B07. Marvin Whitehead
B08. Wayne Dyer
B09. Armando Gonzalez
B10. Jamal Short
B11. Cristof "Chris" London
B12. Tyrone Molson
B13. Bailey Flint
B14. Colby Carpenter
B15. Neil Forrester
B16. Steve Laughton
B17. Branden Long
B36. (Aaron Zigmanfield, Winner V0.4)


G01. Cara Madison
G02. Amelia Ashford
G03. Jade Stone
G04. Tiara Smith
G05. Daisy Cooper
G06. Lydia McCoy
G07. Mercedes Bishop
G08. Tasha Knight
G09. Carmen Simone
G10. Janelle Forbes
G11. Mackenzie Cook
G12. Madeline Black
G13. Nina Marriott
G14. Raquel Alverez
G15. Brittani Priest
G16. Rosa Brown
G17. Sharon Kilbride
G18. Gloria Archer
G19. Kate Baker

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