Minase was a member of the original roleplay. He joined in the beginning of the site: June 23rd, 2005, to be exact. He made one character (Gabrielle Minase) before his leave on July 12, 2005. Not much is known about Minase, unfortunately, beyond him living in the UK and being a rugby player. Wherever he is, let's hope the internet sanction worked out for him in the end!

The V1 handler Girl## was actually Minase on another account. With this account, Minase roleplayed as Selene Acton, a rather short lived character.

Minase briefly returned to SOTF at the beginning of the V2 pregame, and for a while, it looked like he planned on making a full return to the forum. He enrolled characters Elizabeth Waters, Panom Ning~Tom, and Jack Bexley into pre-game. Sadly, he disappeared from the forum again after the V2 board was created.

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