Name Greenwich High School
Type Senior High School
Location Greenwich, Connecticut
Colors Red and White
Mascot Cardinals

Greenwich High School is a high school located in Greenwich, Connecticut. During the eighth testing phase of the SOTF ACT, a group of twelfth grade students were abducted from this school. Those students are as follows.

B01. Demetrius "Demetri" Sotos
B02. Quinn Ashern
B03. Alexander "Zander" Blaine
B04. Jaxon Jeremiah
B05. A.J. Hahn
B06. Izekiel "Zeke" Valance
B07. Brock Vaughan
B08. Matt Przybysz
B09. Jared Waszak
B10. Ichiro Yamamoto
B11. Kale Daus
B12. Corey Maslakow
B13. Christopher "Chris" Reid
B14. Lance O'Haire
B15. Dax Barrett
B16. Shandan Northwood
B17. Clinton Satyr
B18. Teo Nguyen
B19. Landon Everett
B20. Jordan Redcrest


G01. Britney Keibler
G02. Lauryn Keibler
G03. Cara Lynn
G04. Jessyka Mulanax
G05. Sarah Tran
G06. Deidra Morales
G07. Summer Franklyn
G08. Tiffani Williams
G09. Brittany McGillicutty
G10. Kerrye Albright
G11. Rachel York
G12. Jerrica Richmond
G13. Lourdes "Lulu" Saint
G14. Shellie Hellsing
G15. Karissa Pryde
G16. Lynne Hutchins
G17. Aléjandra Romero
G18. Lindsay Nicholson
G19. Krystle Vena
G20. Tristene Cobalt

Surving StudentsEdit

  • During V4, B04 Jaxon Jeremiah, B12 Corey Maslakow and B15 Dax Barrett were revealed to be alive, all three instrumental in the rescue operation that took place. B20 Jordan Redcrest had also survived, acting as a physical therapist to survivor Matt Wittany in the epilogue to V3.
    • The status of the rest of the students is unknown, though it is presumed that they were killed.

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