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Title Links Edit

When you link a character's journey, this helps people track the story of said character, as well as makes things easier for the staff to conduct the inactivity sweeps. There are two ways to go about linking the journey:

You may write the title thread of the next topic your character participates in.


You can link the topic with the title, much like you link any other outside link. For those that don't know how, here's a tutorial for that.

URL Links Edit

1. Click the http:// code button.
2. When it prompts you to enter the URL, copy and paste the new thread's link into the box.
3. Click OK
4. When it prompts you to enter the Website title, enter the title of the topic that you linked.
5. Click OK

Link Finished.

You may do this for backtracking topics as well, but the forwarding links are the most important, and should be kept up with.

Continued Elsewhere and the Likes Edit

Continued Elsewhere should only be used temporarily as a forwarding link, otherwise staffers believe that you have not yet moved on to the next topic. This may get you a spot on the inactive list very quickly, as well as on our bad sides. At the very least, you must go back and put a title to give us a heads up.

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