Handlers are the good folks who roleplay as the characters in the SOTF roleplaying game, or, in other words, handle the characters. Handlers are also known as users and members, among other names.

Staff TeamEdit

Current Staff:

Former Staff:

Active Members Edit

Below is a list of members who are currently actively roleplaying with us (as of V6). Our members are from a variety of different backgrounds and countries, and range in age from approximately 15 to roughly 30. We're a very diverse community all around, from ages to ethnicities to the amount of roleplaying experience we have under our belts, and we're always looking for new users to come join in on the fun!

Retired Members Edit

SOTF's been around for a long time, and as such, we've seen many handlers come and go. Please note that not all handlers are listed here. Instead, only handlers who have at least created one character have been listed. For a full members list, please refer to the forum.

Last Active V6:

Last Active V5:

Last Active V4:

Last Active V3:

Last Active V2:

Last Active V1:

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