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Boy 74, Illario Fiametta III


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Name: Ilario Fiametta III
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: Senior [12th]
School: Bayview Secondary School
Hobbies and Interests: Business classes, Leadership club, Student Council, Debate club,

Appearance: With a slender 5'7" and 137lb frame, Ilario's overall appearance projects the image of a prim and proper young gentleman. With large dark-brown eyes, a pert nose, and smooth olive skin that matches nicely to dusty blonde hair, he is often described as cute rather than handsome. His oval-shaped face and willowy body, not to mention a perpetually slightly preoccupied look, makes him appear delicate and rather fragile. He prefers to dress smartly, typically wearing good slacks and button-down shirts, always top-label brands.

On the day of the abduction, Ilario was wearing black slacks, a pair of elegant leather loafers, and a green and white pinstriped button-down shirt with a smart black jacket.

Biography: Born into wealth and opulence as the son of well-known business magnate Ilario Fiametta Jr, Ilario Fiametta III was one of triplets; his siblings both being girls (Franscesca, or Frankie, and Rosalia, or Rosa). Unfortunately the pregnancy and birth proved too much for his mother, who passed during childbirth, her final act being to deliver the squalling triplets. As his father's work kept him away from the house mush of the time, the three were raised by a succession of nannies until they were ten, at which point his father remarried.

Ilario does not have a particularly strong relationship with his young and attractive stepmother, believing that his father married her more for the look of things than for anything like love, but he tries not to hold it against her. Still, this combined with the fact that neither of them have anything in common means that they typically try to give each other a wide berth, and often go days without speaking.

His relationship with his father, on the other hand, is extremely complicated. The elder Fiametta obviously and indiscreetly favors his son over his daughters, a fact which worries Ilario and contributes often to his anxiety. His father's view on life is very old-fashioned, and since he was a child Ilario was groomed to take over the business, and pushed to excel in everything he did, as well as many things he didn't do. As a result Ilario is active in several extra-curricular and school activities, including the Leadership Club, Student Council, and the Debate Club.

This is, however, not without its downside. Sophomore year Ilario hyperventilated and collapsed while working on an important economics paper, and as a result was found to suffer from anxiety disorders. Although he now takes anxiolytic and antidepressant medications to help control his mental state, he is still often nervous and high-strung, especially as his father continues to put pressure on him to be the best. In spite of all this, Ilario does appreciate his father's hard work and recognizes that it is solely up to him that the family has been able to live as they have. As such, he feels a strong sense of duty towards the elder Fiametta, and often pressures himself as hard or harder than his father, feeling like it's his responsibility to live up to Ilario Senior's legacy.

However, as much as he appreciates and understands what his father has done in life, as he has grown Ilario has begun to realize his father's shortcomings as well. Seeing his utter disregard for his children's wishes, his horrific favoritism that leaves both of Ilario's siblings in the dust, and the selfishness that means he is unable to care about anything which does not directly impact him or his business, Ilario has slowly begun to hate Ilario Fiametta II. Although he is almost unable to admit it to himself (and certainly would never admit it to anyone else), the anger and frustration is there, made worse by the fact that with every achievement that earns his father's praise he sees just how alike the two of them are. Ilario does not hate himself consciously, not yet, but at this point, it's only a matter of time.

As for his sisters, Ilario is far more a mother figure than their own stepmother. He takes the task given to him by his father very seriously - the task of watching out for and protecting his siblings. However, due to his father's favoritism, the relationship is often strained, and at this point it's easy to see that both Frankie and Rosa take his attitude towards them for granted, typically only spending time with him if they want something. Still, he loves them very much, and takes his charge seriously, typically bailing them out of trouble and often worrying needlessly about them.

Outside of family, he is kept incredibly busy by school and other activities, his life carefully planned down to the minute to leave little personal time that isn't spent on studying. Although he knows many people throughout the school thanks to all his clubs, he doesn't actually have anyone he would particularly classify as a friend - he simply has no time. As a result, he is often introverted in social situations, and simply doesn't understand how to have friendships.

Throughout his senior year his grades have been consistently high, although consequently his stress level has skyrocketed as well. Now waiting to hear back from Harvard School of Business, Ilario keeps himself busy, as he always has.

Advantages: Being so involved in many aspects of school life makes Ilario a fairly well known person. He is also known to keep a level head, making him a person many would be willing to listen to. Thanks to his various experiences he has become a skilled public speaker, convincing and diplomatic.
Disadvantages: Ilario may not be out of shape, but he is not as fit as many other students. He is also on medications which, should he lose or be otherwise unable to take Without them, will cause him to sink into depression or have severe panic attacks. His high-strung attitude could prove damaging, forcing him into decisions made illogically.

Designated Number: B074


Designated Weapon: Kiss of Death
Conclusion: You know, the littlest Fiametta girl really has it made. I doubt any of his classmates would give it a second look if he pulled out that quaint little lipstick-gun, what with his elegance and delicate sensibilities. Maybe he and B062 can get together as a sort of gender-reversed Thelma and Louise.

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Handled by: faceinabook

Kills: Jackson Ockley, Etain Brennan, Timothy Skula, Kevin Warick, Claire Lambert, Reiko Ishida, Ivan Kuznetsov

Killed By: Suicide via gunshot

Collected Weapons: Kiss of Death (assigned weapon), AK-47 (Best Kill Award, Day 3), SPAS-12 (from Rhory Anne Broderick)

Allies: Jackson Ockley, Rhory Anne Broderick

Enemies: Kris Hartmann, Rhory Anne Broderick, Claire Lambert, Reiko Ishida, Ivan Kuznetsov

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  • Ilario's another favorite of mine from V4. Rose is a fantastic writer, and Ilario represented probably her most focused effort. What was fascinating about him was that he managed to tread the line between some of the biggest V4 villain pitfalls. Ilario did bad things, first by mistake but later on as he fell more and more into the idea that he was a hero. While he lacked the perspective to see how badly he was justifying his actions, his narrative did not. While staying fully melded with Ilario's point of view, it still managed to avoid condoning his actions, presenting him instead as misguided and too caught up in his own ideas to realize that he wasn't the good guy.

    Rose also did a very good job of showing how Ilario fell increasingly out of control once off his medicine. He became mentally and emotionally unstable, in a way that was never directly called out but was very evident and unsettling. For all that he caused trouble for others, Ilario was also a victim. He was messed up by chance and circumstance, and also by Rhory, who set about dismantling him as effectively as she could. Their dynamic was another thing I found very interesting, because it moved beyond the usual two person interactions we see in SOTF. They weren't exactly friends or enemies, certainly weren't romantic, but still very much became a unit. There were hints that things might get better, that an understanding might be reached, but a lot of that was just Ilario searching and seeing what he wanted to see, just as he cast himself as a hero.

    He was desperate, I think, in a way few other characters on SOTF have been. Ilario had two sisters in the game, who he truly cared about. At the same time, he always seemed scared for himself. He had a lot to lose because of his siblings and at the same time didn't seem very certain how to deal with that inevitability. He basically used Rhory to replace them, because he needed somebody else to let him be a hero and protector, and then, once Rhory died, he went looking for new ways to spin his personal narrative. He's a psychological study, which is cool to see in a villain, because it let him move the plot while also being a very interesting character to read. 

    As with any character, there are a few places that I think could've been handled a bit more smoothly in retrospect. Ilario's story was not the easiest to follow, because a lot of it came through lengthy one-shots (often collaboratively written). He had a lot of stuff, but it was more sporadic than with many other characters. The other thing was that, like many V4 characters, Ilario spent a lot of time in private threads, but really had more of a chance to grow when interacting with characters outside that environment. I feel like he and Rhory worked well together, but he had some truly fantastic scenes where he played off other people, too, and there was a lot less opportunity for that when they were together.

    On the whole, though, Ilario's one of my favorites. He was a deep character, and a villainous sort who, despite all the bad things he did, I still held a ton of sympathy towards throughout. He's a great character, who I think is very much worth checking out. - MurderWeasel