Name The Intrepid Six
Season One
Leader Adam Dodd
Symbol Unknown
Goal Survival, Escape
The Intrepid Six is easily the most widely-known group from season one of SOTF. While not particularly good friends outside of SOTF (sans perhaps Adam and Amanda), the group was forced to rely on one another throughout the entirety of season one and became perhaps the most tightly knit group in SOTF history. While most groups come together under the premise of escape, the Intrepid Six seemed to focus first and foremost on survival. In fact, although escape is actively thought about, it is never acted upon. The members of the Intrepid Six are as follows.

Of the Intrepid Six, only Adam is still alive (being the sole survivor of season one), the rest of the group being destroyed by outside influences (i.e. infections) and game motivators, in the case of three of the dead IS members by divide and conquer (killed when they strayed from the group).

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