A term coined by Slayer referring to suffering many injuries (serious or otherwise) that would affect physical performance yet functioning as if they were just superficial wounds.

May involve the character not treating said injuries. Examples of characters with the "Jacob Treatment" are: Jacob Starr (whom the term was named for), Heather Pendergast, Angharad Davies (who was nearly impossible to kill, despite the sheer number of injuries before eventually going down by grenade. Even though she was affected physically, simply surviving so many wounds was grounds for nomination.) and technically Hawley Faust (though to a far lesser degree, because he in the end did die from said wounds.). The most notable example in v2 was Garry Dodd.

This is a relatively common trope in other media, and the TV Tropes wiki calls it "Made of Iron". Nevertheless, the term "Jacob Treatment" seems to be preferred on SOTF.