Name Jerrington High School
Type Senior High School
Location Vancouver, Washington
Colors Orange, Black and White
Mascot Rangers

Jerrington High School is a fictional high school located in Vancouver, Washington. During the first testing phase of the SOTF ACT, a group of tenth and eleventh grade students were abducted from this school. Those students are as follows.

B01. Barry Trantham, age 15
B02. Gary Randall, age 18
B03. Wayne Wright, age 14
B04. Taariq Saeed, age 16
B05. Vance Walshcott, age 17
B06. Edward "Ed" Armstrong, age 17
B07. Marvin Greenley, age 16
B08. Gus Wilson, age 18
B09. Richard "Rich" Guthrie, age 16
B10. Benjamin "Ben" Christian, age 17
B11. Rafael Santiago, age 15
B12. Justin Lachlan, age 16
B13. Logan McMurray, age 17
B14. Dylan Boswell, age 18
B15. Liam Shackelford, age 14
B16. Nathan Grant, age 17
B17. Antoine "Tony" Brown, age 16
B18. Noah Peterka, age 14
B19. Carter White, age 17
B20. Chase Williamson, age 17
B21. Elijah Armer, age 16
B22. Joseph "Joey" Hannegan, age 16
B23. Diego Mendoza, age 15
B24. Hunter Keeferson, age 14
B25. Mason Fowler, age 15
B26. Jayden Andrews, age 16
B27. Vincent Biles, age 14
B28. Pablo Valle, age 15
B29. Haruki Hayato, age 17


G01. Charlotte Delmeur, age 14
G02. Farrah Sylva, age 17
G03. Carrie Connelly, age 16
G04. Lorie Edric, age 16
G05. Samantha "Sammie" Demint, age 16
G06. Toni Donahue, age 15
G07. Jessica Grinstead, age 17
G08. Sara Duncan, age 17
G09. Misty Olcott, age 18
G10. Kim Tran, age 16
G11. Anna Dyne, age 17
G12. Ashlee Perkins, age 16
G13. Tasha Allen, age 17
G14. Heather Walker, age 15
G15. Jamie McSpadden, age 16
G16. Lenzie Merrill, age 17
G17. Katie Baxter, age 18
G18. Talisa Beams, age 16
G19. Kaycee Kirkes, age 16
G20. Diana Crawford, age 17
G21. Cassie Connelly, age 15


In addition to the students that participated in SOTF 0.1, the teachers that had been chaparoning the trip were forced into participation as well. Dubbed with "T"s representing "teacher" instead of by gender, those five individuals are listed below.

T01. Mr. Caesar Cormier, age 43
T02. Mrs. Kendra Likens, age 38
T03. Mr. Wesley Coleman, age 27
T04. Ms. Whitney O'Bryan, age 25
T05. Mr. Shawn Rogers, age 51

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