Name John T. Killian High School
Type Senior High School
Location Montpelier, Vermont
Colors Silver and Black
Mascot Ninjas

John T. Killian High School is a high school located in Montpelier, Vermont. During the eighth testing phase of the SOTF ACT, a group of eleventh grade students were abducted from this school. Those students are as follows.

B01. Jackie Reno
B02. Desmond Wright
B03. Quentin Slater
B04. Harry McPherson
B05. Lamar Smith
B06. Raymond "Ray" West
B07. Chance Whitmore
B08. Zachariah "Zach" Valentino
B09. Dexter Cushing
B10. Dane Del Marco
B11. Gilbert Norwood
B12. Riley Hooks
B13. Skyler Redgrave
B14. Caleb Jeter
B15. Stefan O'Hara
B16. Tyson Lang
B17. Ralph Ziegler
B18. Rashad Davis
B19. Damon Phelps
B20. Elias "Eli" Marquette


G01. Shana Basch
G02. Bonnie Ross
G03. Clarissa Strait
G04. Kelsie Reynolds
G05. Taryn Torey
G06. Anastasia "Ana" Quillan
G07. Yvette Nummi
G08. Keri Astaire
G09. Lacy Marion
G10. Brittni Arnold
G11. Elena Watson
G12. Tia Killian
G13. Keisha Adams
G14. Ashleigh Darling
G15. Faith Mahoney
G16. Tessa McGregor
G17. Ericka Dorey
G18. Lillian "Lilly" Savage
G19. Loren Reinhardt
G20. Kourtney Darling
G21. Chantal Turturro


Known Chaperones

  • Mr. Blackmore

AT Training ExerciseEdit

During the fifth announcement of V3, it was revealed that B08 Zachariah Valentino had managed to survive the training exercise for Danya's taskforce, alongside Dera Sterling from Crescent Heights High School, and become the leader of STAR. B03 Quentin Slater, B07 Chance Whitmore, B10 Dane Del Marco, B20 Elias Marquette, G08 Keri Astaire and G18 Lillian Savage were all known to have been killed however.

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