Character Biography Edit

Name: John Varnum
Gender: male
Age: 16
Grade: 10th
Extra Curricular Activity: Fencing
School: Runway High

Appearance: John is 5'9", medium build, with pale white skin. His light blue eyes are very seductive and his hair is black with red tips, most of the time spiked.. john keeps his favorite pair of sunglasses with him the trim is black with red lens. he wear a dark blue jeans with with a white short sleeved shirt has a iron on patch of gir [from invader zim] and a south park sweat band on his arm. john also weres DC skate shoes -color is black with green spitfire emblem-

Bio: As a child his mother neglected him to go out to party and leave him, all alone. After while his mom and dad got a divorce because of her cheating habits.

As he was getting older he lived with his dad who taught him how to fend for himself, showed him how to shot and reload a gun. Then his father was murdered when he was at the age of 12. This left him a lot of grief in his life.

He spent much time alone because of the trauma he went through, he stole from his moms purse a lot the main reason is the neglecting, all the neglecting.

When he was 13 the kids at the middle school he went to bullied him a lot to point were he tried suicide by drowning himself in a sink. The therapy he went didn’t help much just put him in status of anger and pain.

When he was in the 10th grade he picked up fencing, but only because he fell in love with female instructor who was 25. It did not impact him much for the fact that he learned to cope with his loses.

The instructor taught him to be in expert in fencing. After a while she had an affair with him but it was a secret love. John was never very good at computers, talking in a polite manner, or math.

Soon after he found out that his fencing instructor was cheating on him, He was outraged of what she had done to him. He thought why he deserved such a dishonest person to love.....he thought their love was true and was never going to end. Then he thought if he couldn’t have her than no one will. He began a plot to murder his fencing instructor. As after school he would go to her fencing academy.

He was the only student so to him this should be a piece of cake, when her back was turned he pulled a knife out of his pants right before class stared went up to her back put the knife at her neck and said "no one cant hear your screams you stupid slut" then slit her throat. After that experience he pushed people away even more than he used to.

Class Number: 24

Facts About John Edit

John was created by 1r0nXb0mb (Member no. 36) on July 31, 2005. John was offered some light corrections by Lien, but Kaishi was a little more critical of the profile. She believed it unrealistic that a.) John could be an expert in fencing after only studying for two years and b.) that he had gotten away scott-free with murdering his fencing instructor. Kaishi offered some advice on getting the profile up to par, but 1r0nXb0mb never took her advice and the profile was never updated, and thus never approved.

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