Character Biography Edit

Name: Lee, Jojo
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Grade: 10th
Extra Curricular Activity: kendo
School: Werneth High School (?)

Appearence: 5'8", skinny build, brown eyes, platnium hair (dyed) Looks like an Asian, obviously ^^. Grey sweatshirt, urban camo pants.

Biography: Jojo was born and raised in Seoul, S.K. His father was a businessman, and mother was a housewife. They later moved to the U.S., for reasons relating to his father's job. Further details unknown.

Number: 42 (?)

Facts about Jojo Edit

Well, there's not a lot to tell about good ole' Jojo Lee. He was created by handler Jojo Lee (Member no. 42) on August 18, 2005. He was evaluated by Riserugu, who requested he elaborate on both the biography and appearance. The handler never returned, and Jojo was left to rot on the roster.

On another note, Jojo Lee was also the name of a character from the Proelium Regium roleplay from which Theseus, Swoosh, Guitarjack87, Bloody_Fists, and MismatchedEyes came from, which alludes to the fact that his handler hailed from that forum as well.

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