Character Biography Edit

Name: Nakagawa, Kaede
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Grade: 10th
Extra Curricular Activity: Tennis
School: Oldland high school

Appearance: dark medium length straight hair, brown eyes, petite, pretty with kind eyes.

Biography: Kaede grew up in a stable home and she loves her mum, dad and sister very much. Sh esecretly has a crush on another member of her class but is too shy to reveal who to anyone..yet. In school she was popular for her friendliness and sweet nature and is into tennis.

Other: Kaede is overly trusting. she has a gentle disposition but is still full of courage and determination.

Number: Girl #14

Facts about Kaede Edit

Kaede was entered in for approval by a handler named googlybup. Long story short, the handler had not familiarized him/herself with the rules before posting a character, and when another handler suggested s/he do so, googlybup took it as a hostile remark and left the forum.

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