LaZardo is a very new member of the SOTF threads but brings with him a substantial amount of experience in the online roleplaying field. Of course, he has yet to write single posts that crush the screen and pump the stomach with the intensity of the veterans in SOTF. He also brings about an almost narrow, obsessive interest in Battle Royale similar to his interests in Grand Theft Auto, Resident Evil and Pokémon (of all things, his username comes from an anthro fan-character from Pokémon which has since developed into its own unique species), but that may be a result of his mental condition - Asperger's Syndrome. Regardless, he has found SOTF a new if not visually morbid mode of catharsis.

"LaZ", nickname pronounced like Laz-low, not La-Z-Boy, was born on 19 July 1987, and based on his observations is actually older than most people on SOTF. He sometimes finds it disturbing that many of the forum members are not even old enough to legally rent the BR movies on DVD. He has seen the first BR movie, does not intend to see the second one, has read Volumes 1 and half of 2 of the manga, and wants to read the novel.

As of November 2006 he has four characters in the v2 game, though the fourth character in the official v2 is different from his fourth pregame character. According to him, his flagship character Damien Carter-Madison is an exaggerated caricature of his experiences in the ritzy private school he attended when he was young, while Damien's tormentors Reneé and Marvin are based on the people he believes "made it happen." Zed Foreman, currently independent of the Damien/Reneé-clique canon, is a carryover in appearance only from a webcomic that he used to run, which is currently in hiatus. All of his characters except Reneé are now actively participating in v2.

His fourth Official v2 character, Roland Thomas Kelly, was initially a background NRC (Non-Registered Character) of sorts in pregame RP but was very recently added as a stop-gap measure in case of an early roll (which eventually did occur for Marvin Hendrick). He suspects that Kelly will actually go further than the other three, barring a roll or "hero card" measure.

Laz also boasts of having the most NRCs for v2, at three: Reneé, Marvin's Marty-Stuish older brother Richard, and Damien's obsessively-overbearing mother Nicole.

Laz currently suspects some kind of conspiracy against him in the forums, but the exact details as to the nature of the conspiracy are currently beyond him and should be regarded as just one of his regular bouts of paranoia.

Laz currently studies in a college in the Philippines, accessing the SOTF forums in his spare time. While it may be implied that he is also Filipino he also likes to leave a lot of people very perplexed about who he really is. If he is indeed a he, which he might actually be.

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