Real Name: Redacted

Time with SOTF: A year, give or take, considering an prolonged absence from the site.

V1 Characters: Umi Martin, Kichiro Taka, Venka Rapler, Marie Zaid, Cillian Crowe, Cleo Barston

V2 Characters: Mai Oshinari, Deliah Dollop, Jenna Cassidy

V3 Concepts: Braden Marsh, Flora Salvai-Ortiz, Melissa Diaz, Ofelia Ortiz,

Random Facts:

  • Favorite color is Green.
  • Had the former handler aliases Ebonydear and Lien
  • Has a distinct phobia of having her clothes get wet.
  • Is half Puerto Rican and half White.
  • Spends a lot of time reading Comic books.
  • Has the worst addiction and reaction with caffiene.
  • Redacted for being a bad joke.
  • Is very sarcastic.

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