Character Biography Edit

Name: Matthew Brown
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Grade: 10th
Extra Curricular Activity: Pro Tennis Player
School: Marllsville Academic

Appearance: Matt has short brown hair, and matching brown eyes. One of his ears is cleverly peirced. He wears glasses for reading purposes, although most of the time he has his glasses off unless, of course, he is attending class. His face is lightly freckled, and he has a little baby fat, which some girls find rather cute, coupled with his trademark smile. Matt stands at a height of 5'9, and is very agile on his feet thanks to tennis training. He has more of a runner's build than anything, though, and because of that, he is really fast. Before he got into tennis, he ran crosscountry. There rarely is a time when he doesn't wear gym pants (that go down to his knees) with matching sneakers and ankle-high socks. He can be usually found wearing a hoodie, although he does occasionally wear t-shirts.


Number: #2

Facts About Matthew Edit

Matthew was the sole character of a handler by the name of Lone_Wolf. He was the thirteenth member of the forum to join on June 24, 2005. Wolf only created a whopping five posts before vanishing from the forum, leaving his first character incomplete. Matthew was never approved, the character having never left his WIP status.

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