Character Biography Edit

Age: 15
Name: mifkai Akco
Grade: ten
Extra Curricular Activity: karate
School: Barry Coleson High

Appearance: He was tall and thin. His hair reached the neck of his uniform and curled slightly. His hair flowed over his glasses on one side that cast a shadow over the rest of his face. His eyes were ruby and were well hidden behind the one way glasses specticals.he stands a 6.4 foot tall and walk up right with considerable posture.

Biography: For arguments sake you could say for someone who lived the life Akco did he’s turning out pretty good. He lived with his parents until the divorced, his mother become alcoholic and was nearly always passed out when he came home from nursery. He’s given to his nanny who was a strong catholic. However one day at school he was approached by someone demanding his money and repeatedly calling him a bible basher. His nanny had never taught him about the wrongs of violence So he hit him. HARD. It wasn’t long for this to become a daily occurrence. Akco was not stupid. But he was fast and was able to work things out quickly in his head. He quickly worked out control over his peers using fear and this is what kept him sane.

Other: none

Number: 97

Facts about Mifkai Edit

Let's see... Mifkai went through two separate profiles. The original didn't follow the SOTF-set template and was heinously short. Riserugu offered handler Mifkai Akco some suggestions at improving his character's profile, which Mifkai followed, to some extent. The next time we saw Akco, the template was still off a bit, but the biography was more than a few sentences. After a lot of suggestions from helpful handlers like Kuze, Sephy, and d0ddi0slave, Kaishi actually approved this character, but for whatever reason, he never made it to the student matrix and was never posted with.

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