SOTF Mini's Mom, and resident Old Lady of the site, having been around circa late V2 and proved completely impossible to budge ever since. Ten years and counting, over half of which has been spent at a member of the staff time.

Has, perhaps unsurprisingly, therefore written a complete boatload of characters.


Tyson Neills

Bobby Jacks

Keiji Tanaka

Simon Wood

Sean O'Cann

Lucy O'Donnell (adopted)

Maxie Dasai

Ric Chee

Dacey Ashcroft


Jessie Anderson

Kris Hartmann

Rosa Fiametta

Brock Mason

Yelizaveta "Bounce" Volkova


Sunny Lee

Makatala So'oialo

Becca Everett


Vincenzo/a Gatti

Toby Andreasson

...and about a dozen others on Mini

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