Character Biography Edit

Name: Neida Mae
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Grade: 9th
Extra Curricular Activity: martial arts and school paper
School: Barry Coleson High

Appearance: Mae is a funny looking girl. She is quite short, and she ain't too thin. She loves wearing all kind of colourful clothes, and in the moment she's wearing a red skirt with lots of tiny ornaments in it, like small flowers and other cute things, a sleeveless pink shirt with a picture of a kitten. Her hair is light green and quite long, it has lots of pins and ribbons. Her eyes are deep blue. She's a very happy nature, she's pure and innocent and couldn't hurt a fly. She's quiet in school, 'cause she doesn't have any friends from there and no one wants to get to know her (it's 'cause of her looks), but she's very chipper and talkative with her friends who ain't from her school.

Biography: Mae's got a pretty good life (at least she thinks so) she has great parents who are divorsed (Mae didn't any traumas from this, she accepted the fact her parents didn't love each other anymore) and she's seeing her father every holidays and weekends. Mae doesn't have any friends from her school, but she has lots of friends from other cities and in internet. Even though she's bullied at school, she doesn't care about it. She's very strong mentally (and also physically) She wants to have a happy life and live long. She's a kid with dreams of a better world with no wars and killing.


Number: 44

Facts about Mae Edit

Mae was just another abandoned character. She was created on September 22, 2005, by handler Mimomo (Member no. 61). During her evaluation, Mimomo was asked to add more to the biography and never did.

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