Name Oliver Ames High School
Type Senior High School
Location Easton, Massachusetts
Colors Orange, Yellow and Black
Mascot Tigers

Oliver Ames High School is a high school located in Easton, Massachusetts. During the third testing phase of the SOTF ACT, a group of twelfth grade students were abducted from this school. Those students are as follows.

B01. Douglas "Doug" Bailey
B02. Mitchell "Mitch" Ross
B03. Blake Moretti
B04. Wesley Zimmerman
B05. Garrett Williams
B06. Craig Petit
B07. Spencer Thomas
B08. Miguel Gutierrez
B09. Curtis Sullivan
B10. Johnathan "Johnny" Nguyen
B11. Mario Peters
B12. Brent Giordano
B13. Alan Webber
B14. Dennis Powell
B15. Troy Hoffman
B16. Francisco Morales
B17. Colin Jensen
B18. Randy Bernard
B19. Jeffery "Jeff" Kennedy
B20. Larry Nielson
B21. Andre Quinn
B22. Jaime Gallagher
B23. Russell "Russ" Claes
B24. Julian Kennedy
B25. Henry Wolf
B26. Matthew "Matt" DeLuca
B27. Jerry Wagner
B28. Brendan Meyer
B29. Drew Hartmann
B30. Jake Schulz


G01. Veronica Cantlin
G02. Cynthia Jacobs
G03. Marissa Klein
G04. Megan Moran
G05. Leah Hansen
G06. Ashley Ben Wo Hen
G07. Natasha Olsen
G08. Bianca Pfieffer
G09. Abigail "Abby" O'Brien
G10. Kaitlyn Martin
G11. Dana Perry
G12. Brandi Dubois
G13. Kenda Jones
G14. Leslie Schroder
G15. Bethany "Beth" Walters
G16. Jillian Girard
G17. Felicia Kelly
G18. Karen Butler
G19. Kiara Taylor
G20. Gabrielle Hogan
G21. Caroline Moore
G22. Katrina Rossi
G23. Alicia Schneider
G24. Valerie Lambert
G25. Briana Laurent
G26. Desiree Ortiz
G27. Sandra Jenkins
G28. Miranda Schmidt
G29. Krista Fleetwood
G30. Sierra Ricci


In addition to the students that participated in SOTF 0.3, the teachers that had been chaparoning the trip were forced into participation as well. Dubbed with "T"s representing "teacher" instead of by gender, those four individuals are listed below.

T01. Ms. Chelsea Blanche
T02. Ms. Jennifer James
T03. Mr. Wally Walcott
T04. Mr. Simon Bastan

Test Run V0.3Edit

Full details of what happened during V0.3 have not be released, although G06 Ashley Ben Wo Hen was known to survive (and consequently be placed in V0.4), with B22 Jaime Gallagher finishing in 2nd place.

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