Paige Alexander

Female Student no. 17, Version 0: Paige Alexander

Name: Alexander, Paige
Gender: Female
Age: Sixteen [16]
Grade: Tenth [10th]
Extra Curricular Activity: Cheerleading
School: Aberthol High School

Appearance: The object of affection for many, Paige stands at approximately 5'6" and weighs in around 120 pounds. Her hair is long and honey blonde in color and reaches down to nearly the small of her back. During cheer practice or at games, it is usually pulled up in a ponytail and accentuated with maroon and white ribbons, but during regular school hours and outside of school, she tends to leave her hair down. Her eyes are a transfixing blue in color and her brows are thin and arched, accentuating the contours of her face nicely. Her nose is small and buttonlike and her lips are full, wide, and always done in a light pink hue. Her face is thin and her cheekbones are high, giving her what would be a much more mature appearance if not for her large, wide eyes that seem to convey some sort of childlike innocence behind them. In terms of body structure, Paige could be described as having "padding in all the right places". She's got the type of figure that every girl desires and every guy wants -- she's relatively large (for her size) chested with a small waist and wide hips, not to mention legs for days. Overall, Paige is the type of girl everyone wants to be, but she herself seems blind to her own beauty.

Biography: Paige is the only child of Tyler and Jessica Alexander and a native of Clifton Park, New York. Even as a small child, Paige had what could best be described as a "fairytale life". The husband, the wife, the bouncing baby girl, the cute little dog in the two story house with the white picket fence. That was the life that Paige Alexander lived. Her parents, while not obscenely rich, definitely fell into the upper-middle class category, and so Paige never went without. In fact, the only notable thing that happened during Paige's childhood occurred when she was ten and Dyne, the golden retriever that she had grown up with, was hit by a car. Paige spent the next two weeks straight in her room crying.

Paige has always been an emotional, compassionate person by nature. While she may not be empathetic to the problems of others, she's the type of girl who cries during sad scenes in movies (she bawled hysterically the day she watched Titanic). Of course, this particular personality trait, while harmless on its own, also means that Paige has a tendency to be a bit of a drama queen. For example, earlier during the year, when she found out one of her fellow cheerleaders had been talking about her behind her back, she blew things out of proportion and confronted the other girl before bawling hysterically in the locker room for hours on end.

Paige's best friend is fellow cheerleader Kirsten Rhodes. They've known one another since third grade and have always been very close. It can't exactly be said that Paige confides in Kirsten (it's usually the other way around), mostly because Paige is the type of person who tends to wear her heart on her sleeve. She's a very bubbly person by nature, but she seems to show the entire world whether she's happy or sad, angry or upset. All in all, she's never been a very subtle person. She's a sweet girl by nature, even if some of her friends would describe her as being a bit clueless. It's not that she's stupid, per se, she makes fairly good grades in school. Moreso, it's the fact that Paige doesn't see outside of her own world.

When people dislike her -- a notable example of this would be fellow classmate Cybil Ryans -- Paige never quite understands why. In fact, she tends to respond with something like, "Well, I never did anything to her!" In addition, she has trouble feeling sorry for other people, even if she can see where they're coming from. The way that Paige thinks, the problems and situations she sometimes finds herself in are completely different from anyone else's, and hers are far more important. She tends to see things in black and white. Everything has a simple solution, and things are either right or wrong. It's a quality that's solved many problems as well as caused them.

Overall, Paige is just a normal teenage girl. She's a bit shallow and more than a little ditzy, but she's very well-liked in school and gets along quite well with the majority of her classmates. Naturally, there are people who don't like her because she's a cheerleader, or because they think she's "mean" to them, but in reality, Paige is so consumed with her own life and the going-ons that occur in her immediate cliqué that she simply can't see past that and notice what's going on in other people's lives. She seems to love relationship drama, though she herself rarely has any. Throughout high school, she's dated a number of her classmates (mostly jocks), such as Parker Lee, Derek Vaughan, and even Jonathan McDaniel and Chris Staton briefly, but since nearly the beginning of sophomore year she's been with Colt Sevenstar.

Other: Paige's athleticism has the potential to aide her in the game, but her ditziness and overall cluelessness is probably going to hinder her greatly throughout the game. There are many people who don't like her for a plethora of reasons, and although she'd probably call you a liar if you told her this, she probably has just as many enemies as she does friends.


Number: Female Student no. 17
Designated Weapon: Tire Iron

High School Associates Edit

  • Colt Sevenstar - A long-time friend of Paige's and her boyfriend throughout their sophomore year. Their relationship seems "picture-perfect", but is it really?
  • Kirsten Rhodes - Paige's best friend since third grade. Kirsten continually confides in Paige, but rarely chooses to heed her friend's somewhat misguided advice.
  • Jonathan McDaniel - Long-time friend and fellow "cliqué" member. Paige and Jonathan dated as freshmen, though this relationship was very shortlived.
  • Chris Staton - Long-time friend and fellow "cliqué" member, along with Kirsten and Jonathan. Paige and Chris also dated toward the latter part of freshmen year, but their relationship was even shorter than the one between herself and Jonathan. Nevertheless, they all remain good friends.
  • Parker Lee - Paige dated Parker during the summer before their sophomore year, although it could be considered more of a fling than actually dating.
  • Derek Vaughan - He was Paige's boyfriend back in eighth grade, if you could even call it that. They aren't friends anymore. They just stopped talking sometime around freshman year.
  • Cybil Ryans - For some reason or another that Paige has never quite understood, Cybil seems to hate her guts. Paige simply blows it off, commenting that, "That freak thinks anybody who doesn't run to her side when she's rambling on about slitting her wrists is mean."

Trivia Edit

  • After Dyne (her golden retriever) got ran over when she was ten, Paige's father brought home another retriever puppy, who Paige affectionally named Sunshine.

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