Handler: RePeate

Member since: April 8, 2007

Real name: Rob

Age: 23

Location: Ottawa, Canada

Characters (VIII): Evan Angler, Alex Steele, Gabe McCallum, and Monique St. Claire.

Most known for: Being the best looking guy on SOTF (no offense to the other male handlers).

Relatively new, RePeate signed up midway through Version 2, and has been an active off-topic poster until the beginning of Version 3. His life has, until recently, been fairly uneventful. While he enjoys the bar and club scene, he spends a great deal of his downtime on the computer.

Little known facts:

- A video game prodigy, he will master any game put in front of him in a matter of days.

- His favorite band is The Offspring.

- Is a total cat person (his current cat is named Earthworm Jim).

- Completely horrible at saving money.

- Has a slightly anal tendency to re-edit posts over and over for the tiniest of spelling/grammer mistakes.

- Went to a Christian private school and has a minister mother, despite being an atheist.

- Favorite authors include Robert J. Sawyer, Douglas Adams, H.G. Wells, Leo Frankowski, Dr. Haha Lung, and of course Koushun Takami.

- Has every single Battle Royale manga (all 15), as well as the book and movie. He first saw Battle Royale at a film club in university (the only time he went to their meeting, costing him ten dollars for a membership he never used).

- Used to live off a diet of Skittles, chips, and pop... but is still considered thin/lankey.

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