Name Ridgeview High School
Type Senior High School
Location Orange Park, Florida
Colors Blue and Black
Mascot Black Panther

Ridgeview High School is a high school located in Orange Park, Florida. During the second testing phase of the SOTF ACT, a group of eleventh grade students were abducted from this school. Those students are as follows.

B01. Zack Sartain, age 17
B02. Terrence Rickhardt, age 16
B03. Brad Garrett, age 18
B04. Clayton Clark, age 17
B05. Jesse Baars, age 18
B06. Zane Hoyt, age 18
B07. Lyle Montgomery, age 16
B08. Carlos Gomez, age 16
B09. Derrick Teece, age 17
B10. Chaston Pryor, age 17
B11. Robert "Robbie" Chastain, age 18
B12. Alijah Emerson, age 17
B13. Malcolm Dewitt, age 16
B14. Travis Watson, age 18
B15. Oswald "Ozzie" Sanders, age 18
B16. Erick King, age 18
B17. Kaleb Stewart, age 16
B18. Percival "Percy" Phillips, age 17
B19. Hakeem Aamir, age 17
B20. Tristen Ward, age 17
B21. Michael Diaz, age 17
B22. David Flores, age 18
B23. Kyler Esteban, age 16
B24. Peter "Petey" McMichaels, age 16


G01. Kathleen "Kathy" Mitchell, age 18
G02. Mallory Cox, age 17
G03. Maha Abdul-Allah, age 17
G04. Fang Huang-Fu, age 16
G05. Jia Li Qian, age 16
G06. Sharmonique Davis, age 17
G07. Ananda Laurence, age 17
G08. Britney Bennett, age 17
G09. Jennifer "Jenny" Cruz, age 18
G10. Elizabeth "Lizzy" Price, age 17
G11. Nichole Stevens, age 18
G12. Danielle Collins, age 16
G13. Michelle Lewis, age 17
G14. Jasmine Murphy, age 17
G15. Erin Turner, age 18
G16. Angela "Angie" Gray, age 17
G17. Shannon Wood, age 18
G18. Morgan Richardson, age 17
G19. Brooke Stewart, age 16
G20. Holly Gray, age 17


In addition to the students that participated in SOTF 0.2, the teachers that had been chaparoning the trip were forced into participation as well. Dubbed with "T"s representing "teacher" instead of by gender, those three individuals are listed below.

T01. Mr. Daniel Tyle, age 28
T02. Mrs. Julie Wilde, age 37
T03. Mr. Caleb Douglas, age 43

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