Name Ross Smith Secondary School
Type Senior High School
Location Northfield, Australia
Colors ---
Mascot ---

Ross Smith Secondary School is a high school located in Northfield, Australia. During the seventh testing phase of the SOTF ACT, a group of eleventh grade students were abducted from this school. Those students are as follows.

B01. Nathan "Nate" Gregory
B02. Aleck Thomson
B03. Philip "Phil" Spofforth
B04. Simon Groube
B05. Bradley "Brad" Giffen
B06. Shaun Massie
B07. Stuart Jarvis
B08. Gavin Worrall
B09. Paul Ferris
B10. Mark Charlton
B11. Andrew Donnan
B12. Brett Trumble
B13. Ronald "Ron" Iredale
B14. Jason Trott
B15. Michael "Mike" Laver


G01. Nicole "Nikki" Midwinter
G02. Chelsie Hodges
G03. Adriana Murdoch
G04. Donna Slight
G05. Mary Coulthard
G06. Lori Pope
G07. Naomi Robertson
G08. Trisha McShane
G09. Ariana Lyons
G10. Roxanne "Roxie" Barrett
G11. Christin Callaway
G12. Hayley Frederick
G13. Katherine Hauritz
G14. Karla Noble
G15. Carissa Saunders
G18. (Sun Jung Seung, Winner V0.6)

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