Character Biography Edit

Name: Ryuichi Matoh
Gender: male
Age: just turned 16
Grade: 10th grade.
Extra Curricular Activity: n/a
School: Barry Coleson High.

Appearance: he has medium lengh straight hair that is black and cut with it partially over his eyes.6" tall,has green eyes, baggy pants with chains and baggy shirts, has three earrings in his right ear. His apperance makes him stand out in the crowd and only has a few friends because of it. He's skinny and pale most of the time, as he tries to advoid teh sun as most times as possible.Also because he's always stuck inside because of his mom. He looks sickly because he's always stressed out nd running around.

biography: Dad was killed because he had debts that he didnt pay off, his mom is sick. In order to get money he need to wrk many jobs so he's very stressed. He also doesnt have many friends and is intimidating to others. his grades are a little below average but not failing. He's bi.

Other: plays alot of video games,gets in a lot of fights so he's pretty good at fighting,he's good in martial arts

Number: 21

Facts about Ryuichi Edit

Ryuichi was the only character created by handler darkangel, who joined SOTF on June 30, 2005, as the twenty-sixth member. Ryuichi is perhaps the most infamous of the unapproved characters, seeing as even though he was never accepted into SOTF, he made an appearance on the island, and actually "killed" Devi Satome in the thread "Arriving at the Hospital".[1] Ryuichi's actions in this thread have caused it to be one of the only threads in SOTF history to be considered non-canonical.

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