Name Students Against the Regime
Season Test Run #8, Current
Leader Zach Valentino
Symbol Red Bandanas
Goal Escape (Test Run 8), Destruction of the Arthro Taskforce (Current)

S.T.A.R., or Students Against the Regime, consisted of a large group of students from Test Run 8 (SOTF V0.8) who rallied together and attempted to take on the terrorists. The group gained a lot of support, gaining a whopping thirty-six members over the course of TR8. In order to work more efficiently, the large group of students was split into four smaller groups and given specific functions critical to planning and succeeding in an escape.

They were the Reconnaissance Squad, whose job was to scout out useful information regarding the terrorists and their weaponry, the Defense Squad, whose sole job was to defend the group's base of operations at any cost, the Assault Squad, whose purpose was to take down as many terrorists as possible in order to increase the group's weapons arsenal, and the Intelligence Squad, whose purpose was to remain at the group's base of operations and use information provided to them by the Recon Team in order to formulate an escape route. The groups were separated as follows:

Assault Squad
Squad Leader: Valentino, Zachariah "Zach"
Barrett, Dax
Davis, Rashad
Eslinger, Stephen
Maslakow, Corey
McGregor, Tessa
Przybysz, Matthew "Matt"
Satyr, Clinton
Young, CeeJay

Reconnaissance (Recon) Squad
Squad Leader: Hahn, A.J.
Ashern, Quinn
Bryant, Aisha
Killian, Tia
Micello, Trajjen
Redcrest, Jordan
Saint, Lourdes "Lulu"
Sterling, Dera
Taylor, Torrie

Defense Squad
Squad Leader: Del Marco, Dane
Caudle, Nathan "Nate"
Gabriel, Austin
Jeremiah, Jaxon
Neu, Jaslin
Reid, Christopher "Chris"
Saito, Ayaka
Woolever, Cameron
York, Rachel

Intelligence (Intel) Squad
Squad Leader: Ledbetter, Ki
Choy, Yun
Fujiwara, Chiyako
Fung, Yu
Greenway, Mateo
Lao, Mei-Xing
Lovell, Brynn (killed in action)
Nakamura, Benjirou
Ramesh, Aiman

Others involved
Lucas Grossi
Brandon Garnett
Maxie Dasai
Brad Kavanagh (retired)
Neil Sinclair
Matt Wittany
Dorian Pello

As shown in the epilogue to v3, the surviving escapees from that game seem to have joined with STAR, which is currently based in Australia. It's unknown if the terrorists are putting any real effort into tracking them down. In v4, Brynn Lovell infiltrated the Arthro Taskforce as "Sparky" and provided intelligence to the others, but was discovered and killed. Later, the island and AT's HQ were assaulted by the Assault and Defence Squads, with the Assault Squad taking Danya hostage as the Defence Squad moved to rescue as many students as possible. Their attack ended with the rescue of many Bayview students and the death of Danya himself, as Dorian shot him and escaped with the Assault Squad. STAR suffered moderate casualties in the attack, but none have been named.

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