Dan (Scipher) grew up in Windsor, Ontario, and was introduced to Battle Royale by Bryan (CycoKiller) and Giselle (Baby_G) two years ago while attending a party. His first thought was, "Holy shit, its the MXC guy!" when he saw the teacher was Kitano.

Dan grew up playing hockey and all other contact sports. He has training in Greco-Roman wrestling, as well as ground submission fighting. He has only ever had one "conventional" pet, in that he had a dog when he was 2. Since then he has owned a kingsnake, two pythons, a pair of Emperor Scorpions, two bearded dragons and a chameleon.

Dan is currently enrolled at the University of Windsor majoring in History with a minor in Political Sciences.

The character of Dan Johnson controlled by CycoKiller is based off him.

Handler of Steven Smith, Justin Moore, Rob Adams and Kyle Rizea.

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