One of the younger and more perverse members of SOTF, Slacker finds himself on the outside of many molds. He previously held many different positions of authority on the forum, but lost them due to a mixture of resignations, arguments and general misconceptions. People apparently once thought he was quite a good writer. These people have since been proven rather silly.

He joined SOTF on October 5th, 2005. With high ambitions and an even higher ego he's been known to boast jokingly about the pwnage of his posts with Andrew Munteaneau and how he was no doubt the actual protagnist of v1. His flagship for v1 would come in the form of Peri Barclay (whom he had adopted) which many of us know as the killer turned flaming homosexual. His adamant hatred of Pre-Game along with his rather radical views on the forum leadership (meaning he rarely agrees with them and as such manages to get his characters denied and himself banned to varying degrees over and over again).

He was rejected from the initial v2 mod applications only to be upped to it again for his work on RP Guides, things were going well for Slacker when he and the v1 mods organized that apparently infamous "Original SOTF Insurgency", at the start of the v2 site Slacker gained the controversial role as admin (mostly for his work in the v2 storyline), he would later relinquish this role due to the arguments he had with Slayer. He would be demoted again mostly because the staff disagreed with his maverick ways and of course as he was teh stupid.

His acension to forum moderator in training lies with his disdain for some of the leaders on SOTF, his faux leaving was provoked due to forum hostility and he was brought back due to Adam Dodd's persuasion and the false definition that people wanted him back by giving him the Moderator in Training position. It would later be revealed that people simply gave him that position since they did not want him to leave and he would lose it a day later (however you wish to interpret this is directly related to whom you get the story from). Slacker later, midway through v3, left the forum stating that the RPing no longer interested him and that he felt it had outgrown his style of writing.

Slacker awaits for the moment where everyone will come towards him and tell him that he was indeed right about everything. However, it is now apparent that this moment is never going to come, as he was A) NOT right about everything and B) Mistaken in how much people actually care about him (the true amount is on the 'minimally' mark)

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