Handle: Slam

Group: Staff

Versions Active: V4, V5, V6

V4 Characters: Lucy Ashmore (Was adopted by Zecuma), Janet Claymont (Briefly adopted by vanikiro but reclaimed), Alice Boucher (Until adopted by Fullcircle, later storyspoiler), Amber Whimsy

V5 Characters: David "Dave" Russell, Gabriella "Gabby" Parker, Alex King

V6 Characters: Nate Turner, Sanford "Sandy" Bricks, Vanessa Stone

Editor Profile: Out to have a good day and see if he can't help his pals have a good day too.

Important Info:

  • Can post without a keyboard. Or a computer.
  • Can hero and not lose his character. He just never wants to.
  • Already knows who'll win every version before pre-game even starts.
  • Can believe it's not butter.

Other Info:

  • Formerly red headed, now really more auburn than anything.
  • Pretends to be a fast poster, but he's not fooling anyone. Snail pace reader.
  • Professional actuary in training, so ask him money questions.
  • Would describe himself as positive, since pessimism is just depressing.

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