Name: Joe

Age: 23

Location: Waterloo, Ontario (for now)

Characters: Peter Siu , Tiffany Baker , Marybeth Witherspoon , Tony Russo

Solomir happened across SotF sometime in September of 2008 during one of many journeys through tropeland. Sadly this was after the V3 cap had been set. He lurked around for a few weeks until finally registering. He also missed the last round of v3 adoptions, which made him a very sad panda.

He will be entering his senior year of university in the fall. Of course, he has no clue what a degree in Nanotechnology Engineering can actually do in terms of careers, but it's a bit late to be switching programs. He consistently complains that there are no other asians or engineers that are handlers.

Other Random Facts:

  • Used to play WoW almost like a second job during the Burning Crusade years. Has mellowed out and has less time to sink into the game. His character Mireila has a unique name amongst the characters of the US Realms.
  • Is not an alcoholic, contrary to popular belief. Has given up trying to banish the notion from people's minds.
  • Had not done any extensive RP or creative writing work for about 5 years before joining SotF.
  • Loves competitive Pokemon battling, which is at odds with the views of a large majority of the other handlers.

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