Torquay Grammar School for Girls is a secondary school in Torquay, Devon, England. Season one contestant Elise Aversano attended this school.

History Edit

It was founded in 1915, and moved to its current site, surrounded by its own playing fields, in 1939. The shell of the 1939 building still stands, however, the interior rooms have been extensively altered and refurbished to provide up to date facilities. The Sixth Form Centre and some subjects are housed in Shiphay Manor which is situated a short distance from the main school.

In 1995 the Haystacks building was opened, and a new building will be opened in 2005-6.

The school purchased its own residential study centre in Brittany, in 1990.[1]

Pastoral System Edit

The pastoral system at Torquay Girls Grammar School is based around the need to look after all parts of the students life. The students are allocated a house when the enter the school which are named after former head teachers. Beal, Jackson, Robertson and Wilkinson.[2]

Sixth Form Edit

In the Sixth Form many lessons are shared with the neighbouring Torquay Boys' Grammar School allowing students to benefit from each school's specialities. The two Lower Sixths share the Lower Sixth common room in Shiphay Manor, owned by the Girls' Grammar, while the two Upper Sixths share the Upper Sixth common room in the Sixth Form (formerly 'E') Block of the Boys' Grammar. It is now constructing two new buildings, a new sixth form block, and a new music and drama suit, to be finished Spring 2008.[3]

References Edit

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