Name Treviglas High School
Type Senior High School
Location Newquay, Cornwall, England
Colors Black and White
Mascot Players

Treviglas High School is a fictional high school from which season one contestant Stevan Hyde (B41) was abducted. Despite his bio stating that he was on an American exchange at the time of his kidnapping, the real-life counterpart of the school is Treviglas College, also known as Treviglas Community College, in Newquay, England. As such, information concerning Treviglas High has been based on this school.

Treviglas High School has a sixth form for boys and girls. The age range of the pupils is 11-18.

The school has several sports teams, such as the Treviglas Rugby team, the Treviglas football team, the Treviglas cricket team, and the Treviglas Players (Year 11 boys badminton team, previously named the Wildcats). Unfortunately the Players only came joint third in their recent tournament against other Cornish schools with Penrice coming first.[1]

References Edit

1. Treviglas College, Wikipedia Entry

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