Characters don't always get approved for participation in the SOTF ACT. Survival of the Fittest has been around for quite a while, and thus we've seen many handlers come in, register characters, and never find their way back. Likewise, we've had some absolutely insane character profiles that absolutely weren't approvable. If you're curious as to who might have been in the original game, check out the section below, where you can check out these characters' biographies -- or lack thereof.

Version One Edit

1. Matthew Brown
2. Ryuichi Matoh
3. Ayaka Tsujimura
4. John Varnum
5. T19-17F
6. Jojo Lee
7. Neida Mae
8. Mifkai Akco
9. Megan Parnell
10. Kaede Nakagawa
11. Chuck Norris
12. Sergey
13. Annabell Tertullian

Version Two Edit

1. Sean McPherson
2. Dalton Langley
3. Anton Blade
4. Ted Greynolds
5. Ross McPheerson
6. Ayaka Hirose
7. Corbin Barrett
8. Sue Manlia

Version Three Edit

1. Benson Garret Vonner
2. Josh Kenn
3. Lilah Morgan I
4. Viktor Landers
5. Jenna "Lacus" Clyne

Version Four Edit

1. Hera Alosso (withdrawn)
2. Amanda Alves (withdrawn)
3. Leopold Anders
4. Isaac Ashlen (withdrawn)
5. Niyah Atwell (withdrawn)
6. Charles Beckwith (withdrawn)
7. Aaron Boismier (withdrawn)
8. Stanley Borgan-Watson
9. Bianca Borycki (withdrawn)
10. John Braden
11. Macon Carmody (withdrawn)
12. Johnny "Skulls" Carson
13. Conrad Chase (withdrawn)
14. Steph Collins (withdrawn)
15. Brian Daniels (withdrawn)
16. Katherine Daramour (withdrawn)
17. Alan Eisenbach
18. Laverne Falciander (withdrawn)
19. Daryl Fielding (withdrawn)
20. Jeananne Gilpatrick (withdrawn)
21. Marcia Gomez (withdrawn)
22. William Haig (withdrawn)
23. Virgil Hollister
24. James Humbert (withdrawn)
25. Melanie Jacobs
26. Aaron Kane (withdrawn)
27. Joseph Kaye
28. Calvin Keyes
29. Daphne Keller
30. Chad Klitou (withdrawn)
31. Lexie Logan-Price (withdrawn)
32. Eloise Lyons
33. James Mason
34. Tristan Matthews
35. Harper Merinski
36. Raphael Ogando
37. Anzu "Naoto" Otohime
38. Patrick Pennington (withdrawn)
39. Bryan Pope
40. Nathan Price
41. Josephine Quady
42. Jacob Reed
43. Kale Richardson
44. Ameena Rodriguez (withdrawn)
45. Amanda Sinclair (withdrawn)
46. Isaac Smith
47. Dorothy “Dory” Stoeber (withdrawn)
48. Ig Teller (withdrawn)
49. Jake Wald
50. David Walker (withdrawn)
51. Meghan Weinberg
52. Ryan Wellesley
53. Andrew Bishop White (withdrawn)

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