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Below are the students taking part in the act. Hailing from all sorts of places, these kids will be pitted against each other in the fight of their lives.

Warning: The articles on this page contain major spoilers.

An Asterisk (*) denotes that the profile page is currently unfinished.

Student Matrix: Male
Student Number Student Name Designated Weapon Kill Count Cause of Death
B01. Rommel, Edward Pepper Spray None Gunshot wound
B02. Taka, Kichiro Stun Gun None Smoke inhalation
B03. Shinwrath, Alan Brass Knuckles None Gunshot wound
B04. Ambrose, Aiden Colt .375 Revolver None Gunshot wound
B05. Coombs, James Throwing Knives None Strangled
B06. Hunter, Uriel Pipe Wrench None Grenade wound/gunshot wound
B07. Garraty, River Plastic Hammer None Collar explosion 
B08. Kelecks, James Dagger None Stabbed
B09. Woodard, Terry Box Cutter None Gunshot wound
B10. Minase, Gabrielle Ingram MAC-10 None Gunshot wound
B11. Roddy, Marcus Harisen None Gunshot wound
B12. Klock, Andrew Machete None Gunshot wound
B13. Morvran, Sydney Flashbang Grenades None Gunshot wound
B14. Starr, Jacob Combat Knife Vendvmagli, Anya
Shinwrath, Alan
Rommel, Edward
Hunter, Uriel
Sekth, Rais
Langston, Garrett
Jackson, David
Throat slit
B15. Hideyoshi, Naoji Bullwhip None Decapitated
B16. Andou, Daisuke* S-4M Silent Pistol Minase, Gabrielle Broken neck
B17. Lipson, Andrew Mauser M2 None Drowned
B18. Jackson, David* Smith & Wesson .357 Klock, Andrew Gunshot wound
B19. Kishinawa, Niniko Boxing Gloves None Collar explosion
B20. Holmes, Ash Kevlar Maraschino, Sophie Scalped
B21. Lucien, Mason GPS Scanner None Gunshot wound
B22. Faust, Hawley* Remington 11-87 Shotgun Van Garrett, Helena
Masbeth, August
Woodard, Terry
Rapler, Venka
B23. Sekth, Rais Browning BDM None Stabbed
B24. Redfield, Aaron Plastic Scissors None Collar explosion
B25. Crowe, Cillian* Meat Cleaver Tognetti, Jon
Riviera, Dahlia
Villamor, Arturo
Satome, Devi
Holmes, Ash
Gunshot wound
B26. Greywood, Dorian Razors None Gunshot wound
B27. Hadley, Callum Potassium Cyanide None Bled out
B28. Noir, Vince Steak Knife None Stabbed
B29. Eno, Blaine Piano Wire None Gunshot wounds
B30. Burton, Chance Hand Grenades None Collar explosion
B31. Hargrave, Ian Monkey Wrench None Decapitated
B33. Hudson, Cole Q. Sledgehammer None Bled out
B34. Hughes, Fredrik* Nunchaku None Gunshot wounds/fall injuries
B35. Hughes, Glenn* 2x4 None Gunshot wound
B36. Kekule, Sven Bayonet None Partially decapitated
B37. Villamor, Arturo Rope None Eviscerated
B39. Barclay, Peri* Colt mk. V Revolver Martin, Umi
Chuck, Thom
Hargrave, Ian
Hughes, Glenn
Mutaeneau, Andrew
B40. Tognetti, Jon Megaphone None Eviscerated
B41. Hyde, Stevan SPAS-12 Shotgun Aversano, Elise
Andou, Daisuke
Ginsenshi, Kouji
Vehicular homicide
B42. Andrews, Jason* Uzi Brown, Jayne
Rudko, Daphne
Satomi, Madison
Archambault, Gilbert
Gunshot wound
B45. Samsa, Vince Arcus 94 None Shot himself
B46. Ferdinand, Martyn* Ruger KP97D None Shrapnel wounds
B48. Langston, Garrett* Crossbow None Stabbed
B50. Jenson, Cody * Boomerang Shirohara, Madelaine
Jones, Amanda
Hughes, Fred
Darroch, Elsie
de Rousseau, Clemence
Crosby, Sidney
B52. Motomura, Shinya* Sig Sauer P250 DCc McNeal, Max
Woodrow, Waldo
Barston, Cleo
Gunshot wound/evisceration
B53. Wright, Duncan Plastic Frisbee None Beaten
B54. Torres, Jeremy Sickle Choi, Eh-Sun Shot self in head
B55. Harabbi, Adib Halberd None Gunshot wound
B62. Wilson, Shoar Throwing Axe None Gunshot wounds
B64. Takeda, Kousaka* Smoke Grenades None Gunshot wound
B66. Lamika, Johnny "Mordread" Fishhooks Hadley, Callum Bludgeoned
B67. Moreland, Jimmy Billyclub None Dismembered
B68. Suarez, Michael Kukri Knife None Gunshot wound
B69. Mutaeneau, Andrew Pot Lid None Gunshot wound
B71. Jameson, Scott* Brick None Gunshot wound
B76. Archambault, Gilbert Enfield No. 2 Mk 1 None Gunshot wound
B77. Dodd, Adam* Ballestair-Molina Eno, Blaine
Roddy, Marcus
Starr, Jacob
Wilson, Shoar
Lamika, Johnny
Andrews, Jason
Robins, Jamie
Jones, Kaleigh
Barclay, Peri
Rice, Elijah
Jenson, Cody
O'Connor, Jack
N/A, Winner
B79. Ashmore, Ryan Bowie Knife None Stabbed
B80. O'Connor, Jack* Riot Shield Kaige, Angelina Gunshot wounds
B87. Crosby, Sidney* Switch Blade Burton, Chance
Aero, Nevera
Gunshot wounds
B88. Woodrow, Waldo Katana None Eviscerated
B89. Chuck, Thom Shuriken None Gunshot wound
B92. Serjeantson, Eddie Beretta M92F None Stabbed
B93. Franchini, Antonio* Potassium Caplets Eden, Neville Gunshot wounds
B100. McNeal, Max Camo Clothes None Gunshot wound/fall injuries
B103. Eden, Neville* Wildley Pistol None Gunshot wounds
B111. Mendel, Ken Fort 12 Pistol None Chopped up by a helicopter
B112. Torres, Ryan* Water Pistol None Throat slit
B114. Ginsenshi, Kouji M67 Bayonet None Gunshot wounds
B120. Lynn, Drew* Colt 7.65mm Pistol Webber, Cassie
Valerik, Toby
Broken neck
B121. Valerik, Toby* Drill None Gunshot wounds/fall injuries
B313. Thanodeus, Arsenio Crowbar None Gunshot wounds
B341. Driggers, Jake Monkey Wrench None Gunshot wound
B892. Bourdon, Aaron Taurus PT 92 None Drowned

Student Matrix: Female
Student Number Student Name Designated Weapon Kill Count Cause of Death
G01. Asakawa, Kiyoko Flail Roivas, Cassandra Gunshot wound
G02. Martin, Umi Walther PPK None Gunshot wound
G03. Rapler, Venka Baton None Gunshot wound
G04. Chun, Xian* Metal Corkscrew Hudson, Cole
Noir, Vince
Bled out
G05. Jones, Amanda* Wooden Baseball Bat None Gunshot wounds
G06. Van Garrett, Helena Hacksaw None Gunshot wound
G07. Vendvmagli, Anya Manurhin MR-73 None Gunshot wound
G08. Garci, Wednesday Jitte None Gunshot wound
G09. Marks, Katherine Meat Hook Redfield, Aaron Shot with a marble
G10. Roivas, Cassandra* Saiga-12 Shotgun Asakawa, Kiyoko Gunshot wound
G11. Acton, Selene Hand Axe None Collar explosion
G12. Masumi, Chi* Slingshot Marks, Katherine Gunshot wound
G13. Satome, Devi* Colt M1911 None Stabbed
G14. Zaid, Marie* Butter Knife None Throat slit
G15. Rudko, Daphne Paring Knife Zaid, Marie
Serjeantson, Eddie
Grey, Miranda
Gunshot wounds
G16. Masbeth, August Aluminum Bat None Collar explosion
G17. Vreeland, Tayli Glock (9mm) Morvran, Sydney Collar explosion
G18. Maraschino, Sophie Smith & Wesson M19 None Drowned
G19. Aversano, Elise Colt .45 Pistol None Gunshot wound
G20. Pendergast, Heather Walther P99 Lucien, Mason Bled out
G21. Shirohara, Madelaine Tire Iron Nishida, Nanami Throat cut
G22. Pullman, Cydni Saber None Decapitated
G23. de Rousseau, Clemence Chain Coombs, James
Kelecks, James
Torres, Ryan
Throat slit
G24. Grey, Miranda Chinese Long Sword (Da Dao) None Stabbed
G25. Jones, Kaleigh Bag of Sawdust None Gunshot wounds
G26. Nishida, Nanami Tokarev TT None Gunshot wound
G27. Barston, Cleo H&K USP 9MM Pistol None Eviscerated
G28. Kurosawa, Ai Llama M-82 None Stabbed
G29. Darroch, Elsie Manriki-gusari None Decapitated
G30. Brown, Jayne Vodka None Gunshot wound/stabbed
G31. Davies, Angharad Cat Claws Wright, Duncan
Pullman, Cydni
Grenade explosion
G33. Phillips, Amber 1873 Stainless Steel Single Action Revolver None Crushed by helicopter
G34. Gatling, Jill Nail Gun Donovan, Luca Shrapnel wounds
G38. Shephard, Clare M870 Shotgun None Gunshot wound
G39. Webber, Cassie Expandable Baton None Collar explosion
G41. Thibodeaux, Lyndi Jumprope None Bone fragments in brain
G44. Juett, Hannah Beretta PX4 Pistol Harabbi, Adib Fall injuries
G50. DeLuca, Mallory Handcuffs None Collar explosion
G52. Robins, Jamie Amy Blowgun & Venomous Tranquilizer Darts (x8) None Collar explosion
G56. Garnett, Lucinda Great Axe Hyde, Stevan
Kekule, Sven
Collar explosion
G67. Riviera, Dahlia Pick Axe None Eviscerated
G68. Satomi, Madison Metal Pole None Bludgeoned
G69. Donovan, Luca Tanfoglio T95 "Combat" None Gunshot wound
G70. Aero, Nevera Bo Stick None Gunshot wound
G99. Choi, Eh-Sun Electric Cattle Prod Driggers, Jake
Bourdon, Aaron
Takeda, Kousaka
Gunshot wound
G333. Asano, Takara Butcher's Knife None Collar explosion

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