The following is the order to which the students died, and whom they were killed by. There are a total of 123 participants on the island, 120 students and 3 terrorists.

Death OrderEdit

123rd - Helena Van Garrett - Shot in the stomach by Hawley Faust
122nd - Sydney Morvran - Shot in the lungs by Tayli Vreeland
121st - Niniko Kishinawa - Remained in a Danger Zone
120th - Tayli Vreeland - Remained in a Danger Zone
119th - Gabrielle Minase - Shot in the chest by Daisuke Andou
118th - Morgana Vendvmagli - Shot in the head by Jacob Starr
117th - August Masbeth - Shot in the collar by Hawley Faust
116th - Terry Woodard - Shot by Hawley Faust
115th - Cole Hudson - Blood Loss caused by Xian Chun
114th - Venka Rapler - Shot by Hawley Faust
113th - Alan Shinwrath - Shot in the head by Jacob Starr
112th - Selene Acton - Remained in a Danger Zone
111th - Andrew Klock - Shot by David Jackson
110th - Kichiro Taka - Smoke inhalation
109th - Edward Rommel - Bled out from wounds inflicted by Jacob Starr
108th - Jon Tognetti - Chopped up by Cillian Crowe
107th - Mason Lucien - Shot by Heather Pendergast
106th - Andrew Lipson - Hit by lightning, drowned
105th - River Garraty - Remained in a Danger Zone
104th - Uriel Hunter - Shot in the head by Jacob Starr
103rd - James Coombs - Strangled by Clemence de Rousseau
102nd - Rais Sekth - Stabbed in the back by Jacob Starr
101st - Dahlia Riviera - Throat slit by Cillian Crowe
100th - Jimmy Moreland - Chopped by Blaine Eno
99th - Arturo Villamor - Stabbed by Cillian Crowe
98th - Devi Satome - Stabbed by Cillian Crowe
97th - Elise Aversano - Shot by Stevan Hyde
96th - James Kelecks - Stabbed by Clemence de Rosseau
95th - Naoji Hideyoshi - Decapitated by Clemence de Rosseau
94th - Aaron Redfield - Sliced by Katherine Marks
93rd - Katherine Marks - Shot with a slingshot by Chi Masumi
92nd - Blaine Eno - Shot by Adam Dodd
91st - Sophie Maraschino - Drowned by Ash Holmes
90th - Ash Holmes - Stabbed by Cillian Crowe
89th - Umi Martin - Shot by Peri Barclay
88th - Cassandra Roivas - Shot by Kiyoko Asakawa
87th - Kiyoko Asakawa - Shot by Cassandra Roivas
86th - Garrett Langston - Bled out from wounds caused by Jacob Starr
85th - Marie Zaid - Stabbed by Daphne Rudko
84th - Max McNeal - Thrown into the ravine by Shinya Motomura
83rd - Nanami Nishida - Shot in the chest by Madelaine Shirohara
82nd - Jayne Brown - Stabbed with a bottle by Jason Andrews
81st - Hawley Faust - Died from infection and wounds
80th - Thom Chuck - Shot by Peri Barclay
79th - Waldo Woodrow - Eviscerated by Shinya Motomura
78th - Marcus Roddy - Shot in the head by Adam Dodd
77th - Duncan Wright - Beat to death by Angharad Davies
76th - Eddie Serjeantson - Stabbed by Daphne Rudko
75th - Miranda Grey - Stabbed by Daphne Rudko
74th - Daphne Rudko - Shot by Jason Andrews
73rd - David Jackson - Shot by Jacob Starr
72nd - Cleo Barston - Eviscerated by Shinya Motomura
71st - Andrew Mutaeneau - Shot by Peri Barclay
70th - Madelaine Shirohara - Throat torn apart by Cody Jenson
69th - Amanda Jones - Shot by Cody Jenson
68th - Ken Mendel - Run over by a boat while trying to escape
67th - Callum Hadley - Died of wounds caused by Johnny Lamika
66th - Cydni Pullman - Decapitated by Angharad Davies
65th - Jacob Starr - Throat slit by Adam Dodd
64th - Madison Satomi - Shot by Jason Andrews
63rd - Aaron Bourdon - Drowned by Eh-Sun Choi

==This is the halfway mark of the game.==

62nd - Shinya Motomura - Shot himself
61st - Jake Driggers - Shot in the head by Eh-Sun Choi
60th - Ian Hargrave - Shot by Peri Barclay
59th - Shoar Wilson - Shot by Adam Dodd
58th - Fred Hughes - Shot down the Cliffs by Cody Jenson
57th - Adib Harabbi - Shot by Hannah Juett
56th - Sven Kekule - Axed by Lucinda Garnett
55th - Vince Samsa - Shot himself
54th - Glenn Hughes - Shot by Peri Barclay
53rd - Kousaka Takeda - Shot by Eh-Sun Choi
52nd - Amber Phillips - Crushed by helicopter
51st - Luca Donovan - Shot by Jill Gatling
50th - Chi Masumi - Shot by Terrorist Elijah Rice
49th - Kouji Ginsenshi - Shot by Stevan Hyde
48th - Ai Kurosawa - Stabbed by Terrorist Shannon McLocke
47th - Johnny Lamika - Beat to death by Adam Dodd
46th - Daisuke Andou - Neck snapped by Stevan Hyde
45th - Cillian Crowe - Shot in the head by Peri Barclay
44th - Neville Eden - Shot by Antonio Franchini
43rd - Mallory DeLuca - Remained in a Danger Zone
42nd - Antonio Franchini - Shot by Clare Shephard
41st - Gilbert Archambault - Shot by Jason Andrews
40th - Jason Andrews - Shot by Adam Dodd
39th - Wednesday Garci - Shot by Terrorist Elijah Rice
38th - Vince Noir - Stabbed by Xian Chun
37th - Ryan Ashmore - Throat Slit by Lyndi Thibodeaux
36th - Jamie Amy Robins - Shot by Adam Dodd
35th - Arsenio Thanodeus - Shot by Cody Jenson
34th - Kaleigh Jones - Shot in the head by Adam Dodd
33rd - Terrorist Shannon McLocke - Suicide by grenade
32nd - Chance Burton - Shot in the collar by Sidney Crosby
31st - Cassie Webber - Shot by Drew Lynn
30th - Xian Chun - Killed by a grenade thrown by Terrorist Angelina Kaige
29th - Angharad Davies - Killed by a grenade thrown by Terrorist Angelina Kaige
28th - Aiden Ambrose - Neck snapped by Terrorist Angelina Kaige
27th - Lyndi Thibodeaux - Kicked by Terrorist Angelina Kaige
26th - Heather Pendergast - Bled to death from multiple wounds
25th - Jill Gatling - Killed by a grenade thrown by Terrorist Angelina Kaige
24th -Martyn Ferdinand - Killed by a grenade thrown by Terrorist Angelina Kaige
23rd - Hannah Juett - Fell off roof
22nd - Clare Shephard - Shot by Terrorist Angelina Kaige
21st - Eh-Sun Choi - Shot by Jeremy Torres
20th - Dorian Greywood - Shot by Terrorist Angelina Kaige
19th - Peri Barclay - Decapitated by Adam Dodd
18th - Takara Asano - Pulled her collar
17th - Elsie Darroch - Bisected by Cody Jenson
16th - Scott Jameson - Shot in the head by Terrorist Angelina Kaige
15th - Michael Suarez - Shot by Terrorist Angelina Kaige
14th - Ryan Torres - Stabbed by Clemence Ceillet de Rousseau
13th - Toby Valerik - Shot by Drew Lynn
12th - Nevera Aero - Shot in the back by Sidney Crosby
11th - Terrorist Elijah Rice Bisected by Adam Dodd
10th - Stevan Hyde - Driven over by Lucinda Garnett
9th - Lucinda Garnett - Entered a Danger Zone
8th - Jeremy Torres - Shot himself
7th - Clemence Ceillet de Rousseau - Stabbed by Cody Jenson
6th - Drew Lynn - Neck snapped by Terrorist Angelina Kaige
5th - Terrorist Angelina Kaige - Shot in the head by Jack O'Connor
4th - Sidney Crosby - Shot by Cody Jenson
3rd - Cody Jenson - Stabbed by Adam Dodd
RUNNER UP - Jack O'Connor - Shot by Adam Dodd
WINNER' - Adam Dodd

Kill Rankings Edit

12 Kills:

Adam Dodd (Blaine Eno, Marcus Roddy, Jacob Starr, Shoar Wilson, Johnny Lamika, Jason Andrews, Jamie Amy Robins, Kaleigh Jones, Peri Barclay, Elijah Rice, Cody Jenson, Jack O'Connor)

11 Kills:

Angelina Kaige (Xian Chun, Angharad Davies, Aiden Ambrose, Lyndi Thibodeaux, Jill Gatling, Martyn Ferdinand, Clare Shephard, Dorian Greywood, Scott Jameson, Michael Suarez, Drew Lynn)

7 Kills:

Jacob Starr (Morgana Vendvmagli, Alan Shinwrath, Edward Rommel, Uriel Hunter, Rais Sekth, Garrett Langston, David Jackson)
Cody Jenson (Madelaine Shirohara, Amanda Jones, Fred Hughes, Arsenio Thanodeus, Elsie Darroch, Clemence Ceillet de Rousseau, Sidney Crosby)

6 Kills:

Peri Barclay (Umi Martin, Thom Chuck, Andrew Mutaeneau, Ian Hargrave, Glenn Hughes, Cillian Crowe)

5 Kills:

Cillian Crowe (Jon Tognetti, Dahlia Riviera, Arturo Villamor, Devi Satome, Ash Holmes)

4 Kills:

Hawley Faust (Helena Van Garrett, August Masbeth, Terry Woodard, Venka Rapler)
Jason Andrews (Jayne Brown, Daphne Rudko, Madison Satomi, Gilbert Archambault)
Clemence Ceillet de Rousseau (James Coombs, Naoji Hideyoshi, James Kelecks, Ryan Torres)

3 Kills:

Daphne Rudko (Marie Zaid, Eddie Serjeantson, Miranda Grey)
Shinya Motomura (Max McNeal, Waldo Woodrow, Cleo Barston)
Eh-Sun Choi (Aaron Bourdon, Jake Driggers, Kousaka Takeda)
Stevan Hyde (Elise AversanoKouji Ginsenshi, Daisuke Andou)

2 Kills:

Angharad Davies (Duncan Wright, Cydni Pullman)
Elijah Rice (Chi Masumi, Wednesday Garci)
Xian Chun (Cole Hudson, Vince Noir)
Drew Lynn (Cassie Webber, Toby Valerik)
Sidney Crosby (Chance Burton, Nevera Aero)
Lucinda Garnett (Sven Kekule, Stevan Hyde)

1 Kill:

Tayli Vreeland (Sydney Morvran)
Daisuke Andou (Gabrielle Minase)
David Jackson (Andrew Klock)
Heather Pendergast (Mason Lucien)
Blaine Eno (Jimmy Moreland)
Katherine Marks (Aaron Redfield)
Chi Masumi (Katherine Marks)
Ash Holmes (Sophie Maraschino)
Kiyoko Asakawa (Cassandra Roivas)
Cassandra Roivas (Kiyoko Asakawa)
Madelaine Shirohara (Nanami Nishida)
Johnny Lamika (Callum Hadley)
Hannah Juett (Adib Harabbi)
Jill Gatling (Luca Donovan)
Shannon McLocke (Ai Kurosawa)
Antonio Franchini (Neville Eden)
Clare Shephard (Antonio Franchini)
Lyndi Thibodeaux (Ryan Ashmore)
Jeremy Torres (Eh-Sun Choi)
Jack O'Connor (Angelina Kaige)

Suicides/Accidents/Collar Detonations:'

Niniko Kishinawa (Remained in Danger Zone)
Tayli Vreeland (Remained in Danger Zone)
Selene Acton (Remained in Danger Zone)
Kichiro Taka (Smoke inhalation)
Andrew Lipson (Hit by lightning, drowned)
River Garraty (Entered a Danger Zone)
Hawley Faust (Infection)
Ken Mendel (Run over by a boat)
Shinya Motomura (Suicide via gunshot)
Vince Samsa (Suicide via gunshot)
Amber Phillips (Crushed by helicopter)
Mallory DeLuca (Entered a Danger Zone)
Shannon McLocke (Suicide via gunshot)
Heather Pendergast (Blood loss)
Hannah Juett (Fell off a roof)
Takara Asano (Deliberately pulled on collar)
Lucinda Garnett (Remained in Danger Zone)
Jeremy Torres (Suicide via gunshot)