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Below are the students taking part in the act. Hailing from four different schools in the same city in New Jersey, these kids will be pitted against each other in the fight of their lives.

Asterisks (*) denote that the character's profile is currently incomplete.
Student Matrix: Male
Student Number Student Name Designated Weapon Kill Count Cause of Death
B01. Gunther, Mitch Mosquito Repellent None Gunshot wound
B02. Sebberts, Franco* Grenade Launcher

Hendrick, Marvin
Gunther, Mitch
Meguro, Cathalie
Holorson, Stacy
Godwin, Nathan
Takao, Chiaki

Crushed by debris
B03. Kamui, Satoru Cat Claws None Blown up
B04. Munteanu, Chad Stink Bombs x8 None Gunshot wound
B05. Moyer, Gregory Baby Doll None Head trauma
B06. Carter-Madison, Damien* Pot Lid

McConnell, Eli
Burrowell, Kristey
Dodd, Oliver
Kelly, Roland
Turunen, Vesa

Bled out
B07. Persphone, Paris* Bolo Knife

Ashworth, Brittany
Grey, Preston
Oaklan, Darren
Vinici, Licinia

Jumped off roof
B08. Wilson, Brad Sleeping Pills None Gunshot wound
B09. Swainson, Andrew Glock 27 None Stabbed
B10. Finlayson, Nich Handaxe None Stabbed
B11. Amato, Adam* Ruger Redhawk None Gunshot wound
B12. Calvert, Bryan* SPAS-12 Shotgun

Birch, Dan
McKiernan, Jordan
Foreman, Zed
Rizea, Kyle
Arnav, Shae
Constantine, Harry
Travertil, Felix
Mattlock, Seth
Acosta, Whitney
Varella, Mariavel

B13. Ponikarovsky, Andrew Potassium Cyanide None Car crash
B14. Michaels, Jonathan* Saiga-12 Shotgun

Munteanu, Chad
Wilson, Brad

B15. Smith, Walter* Rock Li-Jen, Jin Gunshot wound
B16. Judah, Edgar* Stun Gun None Cardiac arrest
B17. Silvstedt, Eric Anchor None Impaled
B18. Kovalenko, Matthias* Lasso None Gunshot wound
B19. Gray, Adrian* Leather Strap Moore, Joshua Fell from dam
B20. Rosenthal, Peter* Razor Blade

Swainson, Andrew
Ayala, Andi

Shot himself
B21. Ayala, Andi* Sickle Lafferty, Matthew Gunshot wound
B22. Kovacs, Jackie* Jackknife None Bled out
B23. Turunen, Vesa* Diver's Knife

Hill, Sylvea
Dollop, Debrah

Bled out
B24. Gofis, Russ* Remington 870 Shotgun None Collar detonation
B25. Grey, Preston Double Axe None Stabbed
B26. Matthews, John* Rusty Scissors None Gunshot wound
B27. Callahan, Ricky* Slingshot Silvstedt, Eric Shot himself
B28. Foreman, Zed American Flag None Gunshot wound
B29. Birch, Dan* Naginata None Gunshot wound
B30. Ross, Blake* Bible

Moyer, Gregory
Tuan, An Linh

Crushed by debris
B31. Travertil, Felix* Carpenter's Hammer

Kovacs, Jackie
Matthews, John

Fall injuries
B32. Oaklan, Darren* Dull Katana None Stabbed
B33. Decarteret, Ernest* Twine None Decapitated
B34. Adams, Lance Mooring Rope None Stabbed
B35. Ainsworth, Anthony* Hockey Stick None Head trauma
B36. Tran, Huy* Twig Sorenson, Sam Axed
B37. Archer, Gregg* Electro-Shock Baton None Blown up
B38. Li-Jen, Jin* Boning Knife None Stabbed
B39. Constantine, Harry* Agram 2000 Robinson, Mary-Anne Drowned
B40. McKiernan, Jordan* Goggles None Gunshot wound
B41. Bee, Alexander* Claymore x1 None Collar detonation
B42. Sorenson, Sam* Blowtorch Collier, Lee-Ann Axed
B43. Moore, Joshua* Shinai None Head trauma
B44. Neely, Michael* Golf Club None Gunshot wound
B45. Doeert, Jameson* Nail Bat None Internal wounds
B46. Blailocke, Randy* Spoon None Collar detonation
B47. Mattlock, Seth* Walther P38 None Gunshot wound
B48. Cuthbert, Brandon* X-Box Controller

Michaels, Jonathan
Cohen, Christian
Amato, Adam

Gunshot wound
B49. Hendrick, Marvin Pacifier None Collar detonation
B50. Lafferty, Matthew* Derringer One-Shot Handgun None Heart explosion
B51. Arnav, Shae* Da Dao None Axed in the head
B52. Cohen, Christian* Sally Rod None Gunshot wound
B53. Smith, Steven Colt Python Guthrie, Nessy Throat slit
B54. Drew, Matthew* Monk's Spade

Smith, Steven
Ravoy, Kayla

Gunshot wound
B55. Adams, Robert* IMI Desert Eagle

Dao, Sarah
Kapustiak, Kevin
Brown, Jana

Shot himself
B56. McConnell, Eli* Barbed Wire None Curb-stomped
B57. Kelly, Roland* Staff

Nichols, Alice
Duli, Mihiro
Johnson, Dan

Gunshot wound
B58. Moore, Justin* Chakram x2 None Collar explosion
B59. Godwin, Nathan* Industrial Size Condoms None Gunshot wound
B60. Kapustiak, Kevin* Pungi Stick x12 None Gunshot wound
B61. Rizea, Kyle* Binoculars None Head trauma
B62. Davies, John* Hairbrush None Blown up
B66. Malvice, Seth* Darts None Gunshot wound
B69. Stockton, Rupert* Stiletto None Gunshot wound
B70. Dodd, Oliver* Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife Treskington, Lester Gunshot wounds
B71. Malcolm, Horace* Tonfa None Crushed by debris
B77. Dodd, Adam ID #B77 has been retired, as Adam was the winner of the last competition.
B88. Ovechkin, Alex* Luger Carbine 7.65 None Gunshot wound
B90. Treskington, Lester Sai x2 None Stabbed
B91. Russell, Jack* War Hammer None Stabbed
B92. Johnson, Dan* Syringe Judah, Edgar Stabbed
B96. Istoli, Derrin* Paper Fan None Gunshot wound
B99. Harris, Burton* S-4M Silent Pistol None Collar detonation

Student Matrix: Female
Student Number Student Name Designated Weapon Kill Count Cause of Death
G01. Meguro, Cathalie* Chloroform None Gunshot wound
G02. Oshinari, Mai* Jian Russell, Jack Throat slit
G03. Robinson, Mary-Anne* Cudgel None Gunshot wound
G04. Lexx, Tanesha* Flashbang Grenades None Collar detonation
G05. Buchannon, Annabelle* H&K 53 None Collar detonation
G06. Smith, Gail* Chain Whip Wingfield, Sera Gunshot wound
G07. White, Kasumi* Shovel None Collar detonation
G08. Diesen, Laura* Rabbit's Foot None Slit wrists
G09. Tuan, An Linh* Brass Knuckles None Shards
G10. Collier, Lee-Ann* Toilet Paper None Collar detonation
G11. Holorson, Stacy* Taser None Crushed by debris
G12. DeSilva, Melanie* Water Gun None Fell off a cliff
G13. Perez, Marimar* Machete

Adams, Lance
Decarteret, Ernest

Stab wound
G14. Johnson, Tori* Rope Dart None Gunshot wound
G15. Ravoy, Kayla* Boomerang None Gunshot wound
G16. Ashworth, Brittany Paperback Book None Stabbed
G17. Grayston, Ali* Garden Hose None Blown up
G18. Evans, Caitlin* Arnis Sticks None Blown up
G19. Somerset, Carmen* Splitting Axe Perez, Marimar Gunshot wound
G20. Heart, Lavender* Hunting Knife None Bled out
G21. Dao, Sarah* Ingram MAC-10 None Gunshot wound
G22. Guthrie, Nessy* Oven Mitt None Gunshot wound
G23. Acosta, Whitney* Hungarian Shield None Gunshot wound
G24. Lovett, Wanda Bowling Ball None

Collar detonation

G25. Varella, Mariavel* Tomahawk

Dibenidetti, Jaime
Finlayson, Nich
Ovechkin, Alex
Stockton, Rupert
Malvice, Seth
Smith, Walter
Neely, Michael
Somerset, Carmen
Kovalenko, Matthias
Ebert, Elizabeth
Johnson, Tori

G26. Nichols, Alice* Frisbee None Stab wound
G27. Cassidy, Jenna* Dartboard None Stab wounds
G28. Shimane, Okalani* Dagger None Collar detonation
G29. Wingfield, Sera* Flail

Cuthbert, Brandon
Drew, Matthew
Smith, Gail

Gunshot wound
G30. Crew, Stephanie* Whip

Heart, Lavender
Cassidy, Jenna

Suicide via gunshot
G31. Heartgreeder, Maggie Bowie Knife None Electrocution
G32. Takao, Chiaki* Browning BDM Istoli, Derrin Gunshot wound
G33. Vinici, Licinia* Ball and Chain None Stab wound
G34. Duli, Mihiro* Sulfuric Acid None Blood loss
G35. Brown, Jana* Crossbow None Gunshot wound
G36. Ebert, Elizabeth* M1 Garand Rifle Withers, Penelope Bolt in the head
G44. Sinclaire, Gigi* Riot Gun None Blown up
G46. Burrowell, Kristey* Aluminum Ballbat None Stab wounds
G49. Dibenidetti, Anna* Felling Axe Tran, Huy Suicide via gunshot
G50. Dibenidetti, Jaime Tanto None Axed in the head
G51. Dollop, Debrah* Colt .45 Pistol

DeSilva, Melanie
Dollop, Deliah

Axe wounds
G52. Dollop, Deliah* Gameboy Advance None Axe wounds
G59. Merchenkov, Zilya* Tri-Nunchaku None Blown up
G66. Withers, Penelope* Steel Mace Ainsworth, Anthony Gunshot wound
G72. Gwendolyn, Venus* Sledgehammer None Stabbed self
G99. Hill, Sylvea* Beretta 1934 None Stabbed

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