The premise of Survival of the Fittest is simple in nature. Kill or be killed is the only rule. No time-outs, no out-of-bounds, everyone is open game. In a game as primal as this, there are bound to be casualties-of-war. Below, you can find a list of each student who has sacrificed his or her life to the program, which number they were to die, and who killed them.

Death OrderEdit

200th - Joshua Goodman - Electrocuted by Nathanial Harris
199th - Heather Tilmitt - Eviscerated by Lance Barrett
198th - Jason Foley - Disemboweled by Gabriel Theobaldt
197th - Tyson Neills - Stabbed by Bobby Jacks
196th - Lance Barrett - Shot by Melina Frost
195th - Charlie Burchman - Blown up by Ivye Dewley
194th - Tanya Bonneville - Electrocuted by Eduardo Trinidad-Villa
193rd - Tegan Bianco - Jumped off cliff
192nd - Alex Steele - Accidentally shot himself
191st - Karl Van Buren - Neck broken by Gabriel Theobaldt
190th - Owen Fontaine - Shot by Julie Mikan
189th - Evelyn Richinson - Fell on knife
188th - Luis Chezinski - Strangled by Brenden Bedard
187th - Kara Holmes - Suffocated by Nathanial Harris
186th - Randy Flagg - Shot by Keith Jackson
185th - Rebbecca Bradbury - Died from wounds inflicted by Nathanial Harris
184th - Kristin Washington - Shot by Viktor Kurchatov
183rd - Troy McCann - Beheaded by Gabriel Theobaldt
182nd - Brenden Bedard - Head trauma
181st - Dan Wolfe - Fell on knife
180th - Adwin Green - Shot by Paul Smith
179th - Katherine Blanco - Allergic reaction
178th - Nigel Gillespie - Neck broken by Dominica Shapiro
177th - Ric Chee - Stabbed by Bobby Jacks
176th - Ken Lawson - Fell down hole
175th - Galen Neilson - Pushed off cliff by Nadine Willowbrook
174th - Nadine Willowbrook - Pulled off cliff by Galen Neilson
173rd - Andy Walker - Drowned
172nd - Ivye Dewley - Shot by Adam Dodd
171st - Viktor Kurchatov - Stabbed by Julie Mikan
170th - Gabriel Theobaldt - Incinerated in Explosion indirectly caused by Ivye Dewley and Adam Dodd
169th - Trey Leyton - Suffocated by Nathanial Harris
168th - Quale Hutchinson - Neck broken by Bobby Jacks
167th - Simon Wood - Impaled by Darnell Butler
166th - Courtney Blaggé - Throat slit by Harry Tsai
165th - Daniel Brent - Stabbed by Darnell Butler
164th - Eduardo Trinidad-Villa - Impaled by Darnell Butler
163rd - Monique St. Claire - Throat slashed by Melina Frost
162nd - Khrysta Lawrence - Throat slit by Jodene Zalack
161st - Adonis Zorba - Collar detonation
160th - Lilah Morgan - Shot by Clive Maxwell
159th - Luke Rowan - Collar detonation caused by Nick Jones
158th - Anna Vaan - Head trauma caused by Lenny Priestly
157th - Bradley Armstrong - Stabbed by Dominica Shapiro
156th - Julia Lauper - Stabbed by Jordan Redfield
155th - Keiji Tanaka - Stabbed by Lenny Priestly
154th - Kode Hairesu - Bludgeoned by Wade Wilson
153rd - Mortimer Jones - Bludgeoned by Wade Wilson
152nd - Braden Marsh - Beaten by Wade Wilson
151st - Jodene Zalack - Bludgeoned by Wade Wilson
150th - Joe Gai - Beheaded by Wade Wilson
149th - Sharon Kulikov - Axed in the head by Madison Conner
148th - Paul Smith - Stabbed by Madison Conner
147th - Christian Rydell - Shot by Will Sigurbjornsson
146th - Serenity Halos - Shot by Steve Digaetano
145th - Anthony Burbank - Stabbed by Lyn Burbank
144th - Jeff Marontate - Stabbed by Jessa Vanallen
143rd - Guy Rapide - Bled out from wounds inflicted by Mary McKay
142nd - Mary McKay - Eviscerated by Wade Wilson
141st - Trinity Sparks - Killed by deliberate collar detonation from Danya
140th - Jazzalyn Creed - Killed by deliberate collar detonation from Danya
139th - Wednesday Ryan - Killed by deliberate collar detonation from Danya
138th - Melissa Diaz - Killed by deliberate collar detonation from Danya
137th - Jessica Jones - Incinerated in explosion caused by Bill Ritch*
136th - Derrick Taggart - Killed in terrorist ambush*
135th - Nathanial Harris - Shot by Neil Sinclair, Dominica Shapiro and Matt Wittany
134th - Corbin Arlen - Poisoned by Nathanial Harris
133rd - Reg Robson - Shot by Bobby Jacks
132nd - John Cox - Shot by Keith Jackson
131st - Elizabeth Davidson - Collar detonation
130th - Jake Henkie - Shot by Jeff Thorne
129th - Joey McHaimond - Shot by Cara Scholte
128th - Herman Johnson - Shot by Melina Frost
127th - Jeff Thorne - Shot by Trish McCarroll
126th - Francis Temple - Collar detonation
125th - Olivia Swan - Beaten by Branca Braunstein
124th - Sloan Henriksen - Shot by Trish McCarroll
123rd - Arty Williams - Shot by Bobby Jacks
122nd - Andy McCann - Shot by Bobby Jacks
121st - Ivan Roeghmills - Throat slit by Bobby Jacks
120th - Aidan Kelly - Killed by a booby trap
119th - Josh Novikov - Shot by Rick Holeman and Jim Middleton
118th - Dennis Bernard - Throat slashed by Lucy Arber
117th - Lucy Arber - Shot by Harry Tsai
116th - Pascal Stonely - Stabbed by Antonio Legarda
115th - Antonio Legarda - Collar detonation caused by Pascal Stonely
114th - Nick Jones - Stabbed by Alexis Machina
113th - Cara Scholte - Pushed off a cliff by J. R. Rizzolo
112th - Ryan Gilbert - Bludgeoned by Leo Curtis
111th - Afra Jacinth - Beaten by Branca Braunstein
110th - Eicca Hietala - Shot by Will Sigurbjornsson
109th - Evan Gage - Collar detonation
108th - Jim Middleton - Bludgeoned by Eris Marquis
107th - Kathleen Martin - Shot by Adam Reeves
106th - Shawn Waits - Shot by Steve Digaetano
105th - Raven Lawrence - Stabbed by Leo Curtis
104th - Petra Andrews - Shot by Bobby Jacks
103rd - Branca Braunstein - Accidentally shot herself in the head
102nd - James Migato - Shot by Alexis Machina
101st - Clive Maxwell - Bludgeoned by Will Sigurbjornsson

==This is the halfway point in the game==

100th - Anton Wykowsku - Drowned by J. R. Rizzolo
99th - Dennis McDonald - Shot by Adam Dodd
98th - Briana North - Collar detonation
97th - Edgar Hoskins - Shot by J. R. Rizzolo
96th - Dane Zygmunt - Stabbed by Anna Grout and Madison Conner
95th - Leo Curtis - Shot by Terrie Brightwell
94th - Evan Angler - Bludgeoned by Gabe McCallum
93rd - Abel Williams - Bludgeoned by Michael Anders
92nd - Vera Lang - Shot by Alexis Machina
91st - Joseph Cande - Shot by J. R. Rizzolo
90th - James Martinek - Shot by Lenny Priestly
89th - Heath Trennoby - Shot by Lenny Priestly
88th - Lauren Howard - Shot by Lenny Priestly
87th - Anna Grout - Shot herself in the head
86th - Lucy O'Donnell - Killed in terrorist ambush*
85th - Dean Portman - Throat slit by AT operative
84th - Alex Miller - Killed in terrorist ambush*
83rd - Sean O'Cann - Killed in terrorist ambush
82nd - Maxie Dasai - Successfully escaped the island
81st - Izzy Cheung - Successfully escaped the island
80th - Dorian Ibanescu - Cause unknown*
79th - Ianto Murphy - Cause unknown*
78th - Andrea Vanlandingham - Shot by Harry Tsai*
77th - Neil Sinclair - Successfully escaped the island
76th - Viki Valentine - Shot by Lenny Priestly
75th - Daniel Carvalho - Beaten by Shameeca Mitchell
74th - Carson Baye - Collar detonation
73rd - Daniel Clifford - Collar detonation
72nd - Liam Black - Chest slashed by Lulu Altaire
71st - Michael Anders - Bludgeoned by Bobby Jacks
70th - Nicholas Nutbrown - Shot by James Brown
69th - Hannah Rose - Shot by Quincy Archer
68th - James Trejo - Shot by Lyn Burbank
67th - Margaret Tweedy - Shot by Melina Frost
66th - Shane Rafferty - Collar detonation
65th - Sato Koizumi - Collar detonation
64th - Melina Frost - Stabbed by Jessa Vanallen
63rd - Jessa Vanallen - Drowned by Melina Frost
62nd - Hayden O'Guinn - Shot by Trish McCarroll
61st - James Ellet - Blown up by Alexis Machina
60th - Will Sigurbjornsson - Shot by Stephanie Evans
59th - Stephanie Evans - Shot by Will Sigurbjornsson
58th - Darnell Butler - Incinerated in explosion caused by Bill Ritch
57th - Keith Jackson - Successfully escaped the island
56th - Brad Kavanagh - Successfully escaped the island
55th - Matthew Wittany - Successfully escaped the island
54th - Bill Ritch - Incinerated in explosion caused by himself
53rd - John Sheppard - Incinerated in explosion caused by Bill Ritch
52nd - Kallie Majors - Killed in terrorist ambush
51st - Terrie Brightwell - Killed in terrorist ambush
50th - Alice Jones - Killed by Terrorist Rosemarie Chevalier
49th - Julie Mikan - Killed by Terrorist Joseph Hurst
48th - Dominica Shapiro - Cause unknown*
47th - Kyrie Joseph - Cause unknown*
46th - Denise Dupuis - Shot by Harry Tsai*
45th - Marnie Yaguchi - Killed in terrorist ambush*
44th - Rio Koizumi - Killed by Terrorist David Konrad
43rd - Adam Dodd - Died after escaping the island
42nd - Warren Pace - Stabbed by Mark Tavarian
41st - Mark Tavarian - Stabbed by Jordan Redfield
40th - Dawn Beckworth - Shot by J. R. Rizzolo
39th - Amanda Redder -Shot by Adam Reeves
38th - Becky Holt - Pushed into a bear trap by Kathy Holden
37th - Velvet Retsiloh - Shot by J. R. Rizzolo
36th - Bobby Jacks - Shot himself
35th - Jonathan Lancer - Shot by Alexis Machina
34th - Morgan Ackland - Collar detonation
33rd - Kathy Holden - Blown up by Adam Reeves
32nd - Anna Kateridge - Shot by Lenny Priestly
31st - Kimmy Redmond - Throat slit by Morgan Green
30th - Elizabeth Priestly - Shot by Gabe McCallum
29th - Madison Conner - Stabbed by Dorian Sanders
28th - Dorian Sanders - Shot by Lulu Altaire
27th - Gabe McCallum - Collar detonation
26th - Renee Valenti - Shot by Jordan Redfield
25th - Rick Holeman - Stabbed by Lyn Burbank
24th - Emma Babineaux - Shot by J. R. Rizzolo
23rd - Wade Wilson - Shot by Edward Sullivan
22nd - Quincy Archer - Shot himself
21st - Shameeca Mitchell - Shot by Lenny Priestly
20th - Noah Jacobs - Shot by Alexis Machina
19th - Lyn Burbank - Died from wounds inflicted by J. R. Rizzolo
18th - Morgan Green - Shot by Danielle Champney
17th - Dacey Ashcroft - Shot by Eris Marquis
16th - Danielle Champney - Died from wounds inflicted Morgan Green
15th - Dante Cooper - Shot by Eris Marquis and Steve Digaetano
14th - Jordan Redfield - Shot by Lenny Priestly
13th - Eris Marquis - Deliberately allowed her collar to detonate
12th - Harry Tsai - Killed by booby trap (in reality killed by Denise Dupuis)
11th - Nicole Husher - Shot by J. R. Rizzolo
10th - Adam Reeves - Shot by Alexis Machina
9th - Steve Digaetano - Died from wounds inflicted by Adam Reeves
8th - Ryan Atwell - Died from wounds inflicted by Eris Marquis
7th - Edward Sullivan - Shot by J. R. Rizzolo
6th - James Brown - Shot by Alexis Machina
5th - Alexis Machina - Shot by Trish McCarroll
4th - Lenny Priestly - Shot by Trish McCarroll
3rd - Trish McCarroll - Shot by Lenny Priestly
RUNNER UP - Lulu Altaire - Shot by J. R. Rizzolo
Winner -J. R. Rizzolo - Shot by Maxie Dasai

Note that the ordering of the list is according to Danya's announcements. Students marked with an * may not have a confirmed cause of death due to involvement in the escape plot.

Kill Rankings Edit

11 Kills:

J. R. Rizzolo (Cara Scholte, Anton Wykowsku, Edgar Hoskins, Joseph Cande, Dawn Beckworth, Velvet Retsiloh, Emma Babineaux, Lyn Burbank, Nicole Husher, Edward Sullivan, Lulu Altaire)

10 Kills:

Lenny Priestly (Anna Vaan, Keiji Tanaka, James Martinek, Heath Trennoby, Lauren Howard, Viki Valentine, Anna Kateridge, Shameeca Mitchell, Jordan Redfield, Trish McCarroll)

9 Kills:

Bobby Jacks (Tyson Neills, Ric Chee, Quale Hutchinson, Reg Robson, Arty Williams, Andy McCann, Ivan Roeghmills, Petra Andrews, Michael Anders)

8 Kills:

Alexis Machina (Nick Jones, James Migato, Vera Lang, James Ellet, Jonathan Lancer, Noah Jacobs, Adam Reeves, James Brown)

6 Kills:

Wade Wilson (Kode Hairesu, Mortimer Jones, Braden Marsh, Jodene Zalack, Joe Gai, Mary McKay)

5 Kills:

Nathanial Harris (Josh Goodman, Kara Holmes, Rebbecca Bradbury, Trey Leyton, Corbin Arlen)
Melina Frost (Lance Barrett, Monique St. Claire, Herman Johnson, Margaret Tweedy, Jessa Vanallen)
Trish McCarroll (Jeff Thorne, Sloan Henriksen, Hayden O'Guinn, Alexis Machina, Lenny Priestly)

4 Kills:

Will Sigurbjornsson (Christian Rydell, Eicca Hietala, Clive Maxwell, Stephanie Evans)
Harry Tsai (Courtney Blaggé, Lucy Arber, Andrea Vanlandingham*, Denise Dupuis*)
Adam Reeves (Kathleen Martin, Amanda Redder, Kathy Holden, Steve Digaetano)

3 Kills:

Gabriel Theobaldt (Jason Foley, Karl Van Buren, Troy McCann)
Darnell Butler (Simon Wood, Daniel Brent, Eduardo Trinidad-Villa)
Dominica Shapiro (Nigel Gillespie, Bradley Armstrong, Nathaniel Harris)
Madison Conner (Sharon Kulikov, Paul Smith, Dane Zygmunt)
Jordan Redfield (Julia Lauper, Mark Tavarian, Reneé Valenti)
Lyn Burbank (Anthony Burbank, James Trejo, Rick Holeman)
Steve Digaetano (Serenity Halos, Shawn Waits, Dante Cooper)
Eris Marquis (Jim Middleton, Dacey Ashcroft, Ryan Atwell)
Adam Dodd (Ivye Dewley, Gabriel Theobaldt, Dennis McDonald)

2 Kills:

Julie Mikan (Owen Fontaine, Viktor Kurchatov)
Ivye Dewley (Charlie Burchman, Gabriel Theobaldt)
Keith Jackson (Randy Flagg, John Cox)
Branca Braunstein (Olivia Swan, Afra Jacinth)
Leo Curtis (Ryan Gilbert, Raven Lawrence)
Jessa Vanallen (Jeff Marontate, Melina Frost)
Gabe McCallum (Evan Angler, Elizabeth Priestly)
Lulu Altaire (Liam Black, Dorian Sanders)
Morgan Green (Kimmy Redmond, Danielle Champney)

1 Kill:

Lance Barrett (Heather Tilmitt)
Eduardo Trinidad-Villa (Tanya Bonneville)
Brenden Bedard (Luis Chezinski)
Viktor Kurchatov (Kristin Washington)
Paul Smith (Adwin Green)
Nadine Willowbrook (Galen Neilson)
Galen Neilson (Nadine Willowbrook)
Jodene Zalack (Khrysta Lawrence)
Clive Maxwell (Lilah Morgan)
Nick Jones (Luke Rowan)
Mary McKay (Guy Rapide)
Jeff Thorne (Jake Henkie)
Cara Scholte (Joey McHaimond)
Jim Middleton (Josh Novikov)
Lucy Arber (Dennis Bernard)
Antonio Legarda (Pascal Stonely)
Pascal Stonely (Antonio Legarda)
Terrie Brightwell (Leo Curtis)
Michael Anders (Abel Williams)
Shameeca Mitchell (Daniel Carvalho)
James Brown (Nicholas Nutbrown)
Quincy Archer (Hannah Rose)
Stephanie Evans (Will Sigurbjornsson)
Mark Tavarian (Warren Pace)
Kathy Holden (Becky Holt)
Dorian Sanders (Madison Conner)
Edward Sullivan (Wade Wilson)
Danielle Champney (Morgan Green)

Suicides/Accidents/Collar Detonations/Other:

Tegan Bianco (Jumped off a cliff)
Alex Steele (Accidentally shot himself)
Evelyn Richinson (Fell on a scalpel)
Brenden Bedard (Head trauma)
Dan Wolfe (Fell on a scalpel)
Katherine Blanco (Died from allergic reaction to a bee sting)
Ken Lawson (Fell into an open grave and was buried alive)
Andy Walker (Drowned)
Adonis Zorba (Remained in a Danger Zone)
Trinity Sparks (Collar detonated by Danya)
Jazzalyn Creed (Collar detonated by Danya)
Wednesday Ryan (Collar detonated by Danya)
Melissa Diaz (Collar detonated by Danya)
Benni Davidson (Remained in a Danger Zone)
Francis Temple (Became trapped in a Danger Zone)
Aidan Kelly (Killed by a booby trap)
Evan Gage (Remained in a Danger Zone)
Branca Braunstein (Accidentally shot herself)
Briana North (Remained in a Danger Zone)
Anna Grout (Suicide via gunshot)
Carson Baye (Remained in a Danger Zone)
Daniel Clifford (Remained in a Danger Zone)
Shane Rafferty (Remained in a Danger Zone)
Sato Koizumi (Remained in a Danger Zone)
Bobby Jacks (Suicide via gunshot)
Morgan Ackland (Remained in a Danger Zone)
Gabe McCallum (Remained in a Danger Zone)
Quincy Archer (Suicide via gunshot)
Eris Marquis (Remained in a Danger Zone)